Rotation of featured summons for Tavern of the Legends

I can’t recall the details but I feel like the featured summons for tavern of the legends have been alternating among the ones that have a costume for a few cycles.

featured summon 1: alasie + drake + athena
featured summon 2: alberich + seshat + gm

feels like the featured summons have been alternating between the 2 groups only and other past HOTMs are not featured at all.

Like many ppl on my appliance (and I’m sure this is true for many other players too), we really hope Evelyn and Miki will get a chance to be featured so that we have a slightly better chance of getting them.

@Guvnor any chance this feedback can be surfaced to SG team?
Thanks in advance!

it’s no bug. Since the costumes are out, ToL will continue to rotate between those costumes until SG decides to add more HOTM costumes, if they choose to.


given the rotation of atlantis summon feature:
past HOTMs will be available via atlantis summon twice each (for most of them, some only 1)

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person waiting for miki / evelyn to be featured again. given the current schedule:

  • every month a new HOTM will be released, adding to “past HOTM” pool afterwards
  • every 4weeks (almost a month) we’ll have Atlantis summon, features 1 rotation of past HOTM starting from 2017 and another rotation of past HOTM starting from 2018.
  • every ~15months , we’ll have 16 atlantis summons. in this window, 15more HOTM are introduced and both past HOTM rotation in atlantis summon moved 16 positions.
  • if HOTM don’t stop being updated, it’ll take decades and the game would have been dead by the time atlantis summon catches up with HOTM update, and started from the beginning (2017 and 2018 respectively) again
  • practically, this leaves us players the only option to get these past HOTM heroes (the ones that have already been featured twice in atlantis) being tavern of legends, and SG choose not to alternate feature for tavern of legends without working on new costumes for past HOTMs or changing feature rotation

basically SG is saying pay $$$$ instead of $$ if you want to get these past HOTMs that are well designed.

Factoring in the heroes, i dont know if Atlantis will reset to the 2017 hotms, considering that we have the 2020/2021 heroes currently. And for Miki and Evelyn, the only accessible ways for the foreseeable future, is either through Legends portal, or HA10. Soul Exchange, is a possibility, but even then, it’s unknown of who it will be.

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