Rotating War Tanks

There’s so much controversy with the Trilogy aka (GTV of JfTV ) and people complaining that there bored because Raids are the same War is the same .

For at least for war, a solution to this issue maybe a Tank Colour routing system, could be introduced like what is done in the tournaments whereby a colour is missed out and unused for the entire tournament.
For this idea it would solely be the tank of a certain colour not allowed only , but allowing that colour to participate within your war teams .
For every war it could be a random Tank chosen by algorithm to ensure there is more diversity to Wars.
It’ll will bring and usher in a new dimension and a long awaited breath of fresh air to Wars.
To counteract the expensive cost of tranfering emblems to and fro, an Emblem Token should be introduced solely for war purposes so as not to incurre the massive resource debt , say to emblem a hero of 20 emblems.
These emblems can be found in the usual places , Monster chest , Titan drops, Wanted missions Quests etc .
Tweaking and fiddling and trying to fix telly and Vela will not be necessary.
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