Rotate Screen 180 Degrees


I don’t think this would be especially difficult, but can you add a rotate screen option? I use an ipad, and when I plug it in to charge while playing, it damages the plug. Being able to rotate the screen 180 degrees will allow me to charge my iPad while having the plug facing upwards.


[iOS] Screen will not rotate when device is rotated

You can rotate it using your ipad screen rotation,no? Because that what i did with my tablet.


No, on an iPad E&P will not rotate 180 degrees.odd but true. Other apps swivel, but not E&P.


Even if you lock at 180deg?


Yep. Even if I start the app with the iPad rotated 180 and locked, E&P always starts oriented towards the Home button.


Oh,okay if that the case. Because with my tablet, if i put on auto rotate, it don’t swivel, but if I locked the screen at 180 first then open EP, it will stay at 180.


This gets my support - I have the same issue. Would be nice to be able to play without endangering my charging cord.

@koko Just did a quick sense-check on my iPad Air. Confirmed that even if you close E&P, turn upside down, lock orientation, then re-launch E&P, it will still start ‘upside down’ (oriented to the home button). Definitely would like this fixed for Apple platform.

[iOS] Screen will not rotate when device is rotated

YESYESYESYESYES! I have to sit awkwardly to prevent my cord from bending 90 degrees! Just rotating 90 degrees would be a huge plus!