Roster Total War - how could it work?

I’m just blue-skying this…it doesn’t need votes etc

What if you brought everyone?


Could you make a version of the game where you got to bring aaalllll your dudes, instead of five?

Could you play over a much bigger board (if it’s still for phones, you’d need a zoom in and out maybe)?

Or could you deploy several standard five-hero teams in different squads to fight similar banks of enemies?

Would it work well against other full rosters or massive mobs of enemies?

Heck, I don’t know.


Probably great times for AoE…

E&P horrible hordes mode :rofl:


This seems like a good scenario for your Dragons.


Excellent idea.

I will start collecting donations to keep the servers from SG alive and not let the magic smoke (where these servers supposidly run on) not being let out.

Would be one big mess I think. Not knowing who to put next to who to have the most benefit, I think I would die from stress of chosing the best line up before ever going into war.

Could stay like it is.
5 heroes fight simultaneously and everybody chooses an order before. Every time a hero dies, one will move up until say 30 are dead…

without items - hack’n’slay mode

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