Roster space loot item idea

Since except for the upcoming soul exchange there is still no solution in-sight on how to manage the increasingly small roster space and there will be a lot of new heroes introduced in the near future, including 3* and 4* (Season 5, W3K, new events), I am thinking that they could give out a loot item to increase the roster space.

This item would be similar to the new epic and legendary tomes (of experience, ascension, golden emblems), but hopefully not so rare.

This should be combined with other ideas like the ones presented already:

20 characters #RosterSpaceForAll #5YearsOfTinyRosters #QoLupdatesNeeded

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I really like the idea.

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Yeah roster space has always been a issue … Somthing im for and want more of… Somehow…

Being this is loot what * deserves a drop for a roster spot … ?

Similar to the tomes: - 1% and 5% tournaments, elemental chests, war chests, rare titans, mystic vision etc

Any suggestions for additional roster space has my vote! I cant afford to pull from any of the portals new or otherwise as i have no place to put my shiny new hero and seriously I refuse to pay this much!

I have fed away dupes (even the ones I wanted to keep) , fed dupe S1 5* and done SE. But i still need space. I grind away to level up and this is my reward

1 whole slot! Please we need a fix!