Roster Shortcut Button when Hero Cap Reached during Farming

Give us a shortcut to our roster when our roster cap is reached during farming please.

This happens to almost every player every day, or multiple times a day. You go to farm and get the “Hero Cap Reached!” screen. This screen gives you two buttons, “Fight Anyway” and “Expand Roster”, 99% of the time neither of those two options are chosen.

To get back to your roster you have to exit the hero cap reached screen, exit the edit team screen, exit the stage screen, back out of the province or quest screen then you can click the heroes button for your roster.

Totally agree. I don’t know coding but this seems to be a really easy one to add.

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Also I’d I like a indication on the hero’s icon when on the stronghold, as for me alot of the time this does happen is when I get my daily summon or a trainer from a chest. (I swear iv seen a “!” on a screen shot somewhere on here)

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