Roster interface ideas

Right now (1.12), there’s two ways of ‘marking’ a hero in the roster: having them on one or more teams, and locking them as favorites so they can’t be used for leveling.

Unintended consequence of that system: my #1 team is the five heroes I’m working on leveling, not a playable team.

What if there were ten or twenty little stickers one could put in the corner of a character’s picture in the hero roster? Swords, shields, starbursts, colored dots, whatever, and then an option to sort by sticker. Then I could orgnaize my heroes in ways that make sense to me, outside team/rank/color/alphabetical by name.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’d make me so happy.

Also, could we get a toggle on whether or not current teams are automatically at the top of the roster? Sometimes I just want to see everyone sorted by color or power without teams breaking it up.

Thoughts? Improvements? Counterpoints?

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