Roster expansion pack

To me this is a great offer. I have rooster space of 418 at level 95, which means that the cost of extra rooster space is up to 650 gems in the store.
I am working on collecting ALL 3* and 4*, and I save “interesting” duplicate 5*.
Extra rooster space also makes leveling more effective. As I have multiple projects I have very specific guidelines for leveling, so would prefer to have 10x1* or 10x2* in a specific colour before leveling. I also hoard 3* and 4* trainer troops til the end of the last level for 5* so to be more effective with ham usage.
All in all, extra rooster space has always been an issue for me, an this offer is great value vs. the store

Roster space is going for 400 for me, so it’s a reasonable deal, but after soul exchange, I’ve got 30 spots free, and it’ll be a long time before that fills up again.

We have spent so much time asking for roster space that SG solved it for us!
Or not exactly what we had in mind.

It never is. The win-win solution always means that Zynga/SGG gets some money and we players get some QoL.

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Why it £4.49 for yall …

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Hmm there was a this topic

That i put in the Ama thread

As roster space has been a issue for well the dawn of time plus the influx of new heros … I dont want this offer to be a solution for it and dodge the whole question … :+1:

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That’s probably the old Apple vs Android situation

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No. Definitely not. That Roster offer is not the solution.

If Zynga insists that’s the solution, their greed has gone up a few notches.


@Elioty33 didn’t you say that there are 2 roster expansion offers coming soon? Like 1 is tied into a covenant coin offer? Recall seeing that post but not sure where it is now.

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I dont need it. I havent pulled any roosters yet.

I’ll get my coat

I can check again later but that was the plan at the time I wrote that message.

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Roster Expansions should be part of the Bonus Chests you get once you do a 10 pull. Even if it was 1 slot per 10 pull.

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Definitely worth it for me when roster expansion is 950 gems. But agree with people that there should be a better solution that doesn’t cost money or gems :thinking:

Well…, SE took them 5 years plus to concede to giving us players some sort of solution for dupes.

Before that it was HA, and HA took them about 4 years.

Roster offer was released as a solution this year. After 5 plus years. This Roster offer can be a more doable solution of sorts if it is
• a regular monthly offer, every 28 days
• be available at least 2x, allowing for +10 slots per month at a “reasonable” price for veteran players, young whales and collectors.

Couple with SE, the overall effect every quarter would be :
• +30 slots minimum (2x every 28 days)
+19 slots from SE

Total adds up to 49 slots every quarter.

This should be enough to facilitate the unceasing flow of new heroes and accumulation of useful dupes for events and what not.

While Zynga/SGG will bemoan the loss of revenue for additional +5 slots, that loss of revenue will be offset by increased summons from players who would rather use their purchased gems on trying their luck, rather than purchasing roster slots at an (to them) exorbitant price.

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