[Roster Development] help needed to improve my game

Hi, I want to upgrade / develop my current defense and would like your input on who to choose and which heroes I should level to upgrade my roster. I also have a lot of emblems and am unsure on who should get them… lots of questions, I know :slight_smile:

This is my current defense:

And my current roster / what I can work with. I am going to give cobalt all emblems I have (1k ish)

I can level one more yellow, any advice? I was thinking malosi but maybe mica would be good for defense with cobalt?

I have quite a lot of rings but don’t know if I should level any of these, any advice? Should I wait in case I get better options?

And what about those heroes? Any Pont in leveling duplicates for war depth or something like that?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Update: I got cobalt to 4.80 and +17 emblems. Would a defense with him and mica be a good idea? What other heroes should I use in that case? Thanks for the help!

Yellow I’d consider Roostley for your defense. But also why not use gazelle? Then I’d totally do malosi. He will help your game in war. Raids. Events. Tournaments. Etc… very Fast with status block!!

Reds and the others hold your mats.

Thanks for your help!
Would a defense like this make sense then:

Cobalt - roostley - killhare - marjana - MN?

MN should be on left wing if you want to use that setup for defense.

You have some good purple tanks with Ursena and Alfrike who are much better than Killhare. The bunny is much better on right wing to come in and clean house when she fires. These days you see more 2-1-1-1 defenses but if you can figure out a good rainbow mix it might be a bit better.

I absolutely would not use Gazelle on defense. On offense she’s a monster yes, but on defense she is far too easily exploited since she offers no protection to herself other than a dispellable HoT.

Ursena as tank is kind of passe these days, maybe if you could run double Drake flanks but otherwise she’s really not that threatening anymore especially if the attacker doesn’t stack yellow. Alfrike punishes a bad board much harder, and actually has the tanky stats to back her up.

Maybe try Finley-Joon-Alfrike-Vela-Marjana? I rarely see MN these days outside of rush as the meta continues evolving towards faster and faster speeds.

As much as I like the ninjas on offense, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re gonna put ninjas in your defense, you really ought to field 3 of them to maximize that dodge chance. Their unpredictability is as much a boon as it is a handicap, since you could potentially have three “ultra slow” heroes in your defense who basically just keep soaking up tiles while doing absolutely nothing.

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Thanks for your well written response! I used your advice (with reverse set up) and will come back here to report about where I’ll be regarding cups after a night offline :slight_smile:

I assume from your response that I can also wait with leveling mica, should I focus on malosi for now?

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