Roster and Leveling Advice


I’d use Isarnia as tank and flank with marjana and lianna, Isarnia has pretty good defensive stats so she can take some damage no problem and the faster her special goes off the better. Flanked with fast snipers sounds good I think.


But would Vivica have a chance to fire if she’s on the wings?


Putting Vivica on wing is a bad idea. She’s best in flank, with a fast sniper on wing.


Yeah, that’s what I think I’ve read about before.


In general, putting a Slow hero on the wings means it is unlikely to fire. Slow tanks can be fine (e.g. Justice) or if the Slow hero isn’t tank quality (e.g. Isarnia) then it belongs on a flank.

EDIT: The exception is Alberich. If you’re not using him as tank (which some people like, but I think there are too many strong reds), then he belongs as Left Wing. That way anyone he resurrects will still be in firing sequence. There’s nothing more appalling than to have Alberich resurrect two of this allies, both with full mana, and quickly lose a raid.


This is amazing and I wish I read it before I started playing ( 1 week ago!! ) haha

Now I am struggling with which hero to concentrate on. Its super tough to decide! Should I level Santa as my first 5* hero?!?!

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

If you’re only playing a week, park Santa (and any other 5* you get) on your bench and focus on maxing out a solid 3* team or two. 5* take a huge amount of food and feeders to level, and at this point in the game, you won’t have the infrastructure to make any measurable progress with them. In addition, 4* and 5* heroes require ascension materials that you don’t have yet. A solid team or two of 3* will allow you to progress on the map and complete the rare quests, which will give you the ascension materials you need to max your higher powered heroes


Thank you NPNKY!! Ok I’m going to start with that advice right now… currently this is what i am working with.

Suggestions on who should be on the![image|281x500](upload://4dZI5Oq2ohX00XG62X95YRMidbP.jpeg




Dark: Tiburtus, Sabina
Holy: Melia, Wu Kong
Ice: Valen, Triton
Nature: Mnesseus, Kashhrek
Fire: Hawkmoon, Scarlett

By doing so you put your hands on many good effects.
You’ll love Wu Kong :slight_smile:


To be fair, I pulled my Magni during first week of playing this game and ignoring the advices, I started working on him (obviously, had other 4* heroes at that time, like Tibirtus, Chao, Kelile, Kasshrek). I did not feel that I am progressing very slowly and that working on 5* that early was a mistake.

Of course he was levelling slower than a 3*, but at 2.60 was more powerful than maxed 3 star. I went on sick win streaks on raids like over 20, just because people had 2-3* only and Magni was eating through them even at first ascension.


@Suicide_Bunny or any advanced players
So are you saying I should start working on Evelyn?

I just finished Belith & was going to start on Melendor until I needed ascension materials


I may be just a single exception from the general population who was happy about working on a 5* first (and it happen to be a durable sniper), so don’t count on my opinion only!

But… Melendor is great but you already have Boldtusk, Sabina and Belith for healers. Sabina’s skill is the same as Melendor’s. You may feel a difference when taking Evelyn to fights (esp. if together with Belith), Melendor will not make you feel that difference for quite a while. He’d be natural successor for Belith, but I’d say with your pulls, once Belith is not enough, go for Sabina, not to have multiple heroes of the same role within a single colour. Even if not for Evelyn, I’d start working on Mnesseus before touching Melendor with your roster. Again, Melendor is great but you have healers, you lack snipers that would benefit from that Boldtusk’s +atk.

<again, I am just a guy who also asks on these forums for roster advices so have that in mind>


Mnesseus first. Evelyn is best as part of a green stack, so you need other green hitters to pair with her. I agree with Sabina over Gandalf, just for the color variation


Your help was great and right on point

As you can see no great luck with pulls because they are along the same line and use of a character (4* in red, green, & purple)

I do know I need a fast sniper in the color green guess I have to use what I have until I get better

Haven’t been playing a month yet guess I really need to be PATIENCE and level some other 3*'s


@NPNKY thanks

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Thank you FraVit, would that be your suggestions for my teams then too? I am still getting familiar with terms. Is a tank a heavy defense high Hp that sits center?


A tank in our game is the central hero in a defense that will have to take most of the damage and help the rest of your team to survive longer or to soften the attackers by acting on mana / attack / defense or HP, letting the other heroes do the rest.


@NPNKY do you have suggestions on who to level and how to set up my teams with my current bench? Advice would be appreciated!