Roster advice - hero injection or patience?

Hello everybody,

I have not been playing very long so my roster is not very deep. I am trying to figure out whether to do a 10 pull on this event, wait a week or so and do Atlantis, or wait even longer (and gain more gems) while I level what I have. I made a few mistakes before I found this forum and I am hoping to avoid making more.
I have just over 3000 gems, and I am probably around two weeks+ away from TC20.

Miki (2.51)
Grazul (1.1)

Red - Colen (3.60), Kelile (3.51), Scarlett (1.1)
Green - Little John (3.60)
Blue - Grimm (1.8), Boril x 2 (1.1 each)
Yellow - Wu Kong (3.60), Li Xiu (3.35), Danzaburo (1.1)
Purple - Jabbar (3.60)

I have around 15 leveled 3*, two of which are healers, and am working on the interesting ones

Does this roster need patience or (if the RNG gods are smiling) a hero injection?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Patience. That said, the Avalon 3* Bauchan is very good, and the 4/5*s are generally excellent, so a pull now has a decent chance of landing you heroes that would be useful.

But you have the current HotM. Next month is Kingston, who by all reports is one of the top HotM ever, and he’s green… so you may want to wait and pull next Atlantis. Save your Epiv Hero tokens and use those for Halloween event.

Thanks. I was leaning toward waiting and I have 4 EHTs waiting for the next event. I had been using them as I got them before reading it was better to wait. That said, I used one yesterday in a fit of frustration and pulled Grimm + HoTM. :grinning:

You got your RNG blessing with that EHT. Emblemed Grimm does me well on offence in high diamond. And GirlShrek is interesting and useful.

Now be patient til mid October. :wink:

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