Roster Advice 2

Hey everyone I’d like some advice if anyone has a chance.

Here is my team

Red: Elena, Gravemaker

Yellow: Joon, Guinevere

Blue: Missandra

Purple: Obakan, Domitia, Ursena, hel

Green: Margaret, Tarlak, Elkenan

My original thought was to create a defense team of(in this order)


Assuming they are all the same power level, could anyone give some advice on which hero’s they would pick to make the best team and where to set them in the lineup. Thank you!

I like your lineup, except that I would put either Elkanen or Margaret in the corner. Elk is really hard to put down if he survives til the end

I would do the same, only Tarlak and Missandra to swap

Missy Guin Ursl Joon Gravey