Roster access for recruiting purposes

To select players for my alliance I review their roster. Typically I am interested in their 5* and 4* heroes, war teams, mana troops and profile page (highest titan dmg, raid wins, confirm current alliance).

In the past players would take screenshots and post those in our public community chat (over a 1000 people in there). After a few issues with screenshots being abused for fake accountselling, and players getting suspended by SG for suspected account selling, we changed our procedure. Screenshots will now be removed from public chat and only shared via direct msg.

Considering pretty much every top 200 alliance a minimum standard that requires a roster check I think the screenshots shouldn’t be nescerry.

So let’s remove the screenshots all together and lower the risk of screenshots being abused, while at the same time make vetting / recruiting easier.

My proposal. If a player wants to be considered for an alliance he could click on the leader of that alliance and a popup will come up to share his roster.

The leader of this alliance will be notified (ingame msg) and will be able to see the player roster in a different lay-out than ussual ( to prevent actual account screenshots from spreading). For extra security a watermark could be applied to this type of roster view.

While not completely the same, this thread is similar requesting the ability to “share” rosters:

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When I opt in, the War score jumps up about 3400 points. Might be nice if leaders could see an individual War score as part of our overall profile in addition to the cup and Xp values.
Of course it doesn’t tell you if I just have TC20 heroes or the A+ rated HOTM heroes, but it will give you a general idea.

Clicking someone’s profile or card should show what stats they have if they choose to have it available or hidden.

Ok, I am not sure I understand why this is a good idea. What am I missing? Especially if a lot of players opt out

It would allow you to be more competitive plus view people’s accomplishments

I love this idea.

We also can check their roster collection, how much money they spent to buy heroes, their email address, ,etc, that will be more fun i think.

Voted +1.

We can call this special options “stalking eyes” and SG make it available to buy this stalking eyes options for 300 gems, and we can stalk up to 5 people.

So this will also profitable for SG

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