Roostley not chaining when ursena buff on

When ursena’s reflect yellow buff is on, roostley’s special only hits one target and does not do further chains.

Is that working as intended or a bug?

Probably working as intended as the attack need to land on the opponent hero to trigger the chain and in that case it is reflected. That’s also why the chain is stopped when one of the hit is missed due to blind effect

It’s not like finley’s chain on mitsuko because it’s chain is trigger when the opponent has a buff :wink:


Yes, because “The attack chains through all enemies that are adjacent to any hit enemy.”. If he miss or reflect, attack will not chain. Unlike Finley and Alfrike who will chain with different condition.

However, it look like the reflected damage isn’t counted as “any hit enemy”. This might be bug.


Hit is Reflected from first hero, so how will it chain forward…!

Working as intended …

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