Room types for international

Hi!There are a lot of people using the international chat but there is only one room so all kind of messages get mixed up,this results in people getting bothered and reports and blocks start going around,especially between people of different nationality. I know it must be hard to make new chat rooms so that everyone would be happy. I know some of those nations may never get their own chat room so i propose to create more room types for international(just like the english chatroom)…or at least one for recruitment. I hope you will take this into consideration. Thank you for your time

Thanks CatyWolf for your support !! We need indeed a chat for Romanian players ,and Romanian language in the play , because not everyone speak and understand English .We play and buy too !! We hope that someone sees this post and give us a little place for us in play !

i know this is a problem for us but it must be hard for them to make a new chat room from zero…this could be a a solution for now for romanians and other nations

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