Room to grow and advance!

Only Everything is recruiting! We’re looking to grow and have fun!! Requirements: 600+ trophies, hit every titan, and use every war attack. Active chat and line app. Come grow with us and help us build this alliance from the ground up!


How many members do you have

Only 4 at the moment…just started up

What’s y’all’s team power

We might could work something out

Find me online and message me. Line id butterflyvixen

Y’all are welcome to merge with us if you want. Check us out Brother Grimm

Thanks for the offer, we’re not really looking to merge into another alliance at this time.

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If your alliance has a ‘free for all’ war strategy that doesn’t seem to be working, come join us. We’re building a team that communicates, uses strategy and has fun!

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Come check us out, see what you think.

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