Room for 3! Loot Hunters now recruiting! 9* Titans, Coordinated Wars

Hi everyone! We are recruiting again! :slight_smile:

1800 cup minimum but can be flexible about this if you’re a motivated player. :slight_smile:
Room for up to 3 - Currently 24 strong but we like to leave 3 spots open for mercs and a few past members that might return in the future
Daily titan hits, War optional but we ask that all participants communicate and use all war flags

What we’re about:

  1. Having a good time. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and have a fun group. :slight_smile: We have members from all over the US and Europe.
  2. Killing titans for loot!
  3. Communication! You don’t have to be chatty but we expect members to check the featured message when they log in and communicate before making war attacks. The majority of us use an outside communication called Line. (But Line is optional)
  4. Getting better at the game - we share lots of tips and helpful information with each other and try to help everyone improve their game; We often use Line to so we can share game screenshots and graphics
  5. Real life first of course. We understand if real life happens and you miss a titan or two but would appreciate communication of this to leadership if possible. Wars are totally optional but if you are opted in, we expect you to fully participate and use all your flags strategically.
  6. For wars, we are currently coordinating green tanks, require a minimum of six war teams of 2000tp or more to participate.

Questions? Message me or alliance leader Si on Line or reply to this thread.
My Line ID: ittybittyzucchini
Si’s Line ID: CooperativeFlame2289

Let the loot hunt begin!!! :fire: :fireworks: :smiley:

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If you are looking for good alliance that helps you grow then Join us!!!
You wont be disappointed !!!


If you looking for reliable alliance, then Join us !!!


It’s a beautiful day outside, come join the hunt with Loot Hunters and we’ll leave the window open for ya! :wink:


This is a great alliance! The leaders, Itty and Si, are awesome! Perfect balance of serious about titans and war while keeping the group light and fun! Have learned a lot from the shared advice in the group, videos shared by the team on Line app and Itty’s You Tube channel! Come join the fun!

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  • Learn Game Tactics?
  • Learn How to Raid?
  • Improve on War Attacks?
  • Kill 9* - 11* Titans on Regular basis?
  • Join a Fun group?

Then Join Loot Hunters !!!


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