Rookie question - Titan loot


Question about alliance, I have 5 x 4* heroes on my team with all colour, 4 of them are fully ascended( 2 maxed, lv61, lv30 ), and the green one is sitting at lv60 missing a shield till I can ascend him, team power is like 3288, my cups goes around 1.9 - 2 k these days, my alliance is hitting 5* titans mostly, I’ve heard there is alliance that hitting 8* titans or more, do titans with higher level drop mats for ascend 5* heroes more often ? Cuz we have been killing so many of em 5* ones and I only got a cape and a ring so far and I do have a few 5* heroes in my hand lately, I know maybe am not good enough to join 1 of those top alliance they all have maxed 5* heroes x 5 on their team, but as my level, what kind of alliance fits me, like what level of Titan should they be hitting ?


higher level titans give you higher loot tiers, which give you more and better chances for ascension materials. Most of those however are three star items (capes blades etc). it’s still fairly infrequent to get a four star item.

Most of the four star items seem to come from other places like rate wuests, rate wanted chests, mystic vision, hell even regular monster chests.

So yes higher level titans occasionally give our four tar ascension items, but a majority of mine have come from other sources than titan loot.


I fully agree with Dante.

Same here. 7* and 8* titans here … and not one single 4* ascension item ever dropped from a titan for me. I do get 3* ascension items from the titan once in a blue moon … but my really great items come from chests and rare quests


If I got mystic rings from a 5* titan I would be over the moon.

Can’t really advise much as we don’t know what your team actually looks like, but you should probably be hitting higher level titans at your power. If your alliance isn’t strong enough to move up the ranks collectively, say your goodbyes and go mooch around the Alliance Recruitment channel. Anyone with a 3k+ team will get a ton of offers in there. Talk to the recruiters first, get an idea of what level titans they’re hitting, explain to them that you’re moving up from a low rank alliance and ask them if it’s cool to sit with them for a couple of days and see how you get on, then decide if you want to stay. People complain about the recruitment room, but there are a lot of friendly and helpful people in there if you’re looking for recommendations. Go for 6-7* titans first, if you’re comfortable with them then maybe look for someone who can offer you 8*s, as that is where the ascension materials start dropping regularly.

I’m a part of the Mixed Nuts group of alliances, we have one called Mixed Nuts - Candied, designed to bridge the gap between rookie and higher level playing. They hit 6 and 7* titans, the occasional 8* if they’re on a hot streak. Feel free to send a request, I think they have some spaces at the minute, and you can get as much advice from veteran players as you need.


You ain’t a gonna want to hear this, but I got Mystic Rings from a 5* titan yesterday. I also got a Compass and a Shield from 5* titans last weekend. It was an absolute shocker all three times. I didn’t think a titan this low would yield such important items.


The four star items are in the loot tiers down that low, the chance is extremely low, moreso than usual. But enough hits and time passes and some people get them. But I wouldn’t count on it regularly. :slight_smile:


I guess it’s the same like everything in the game, just “luk” caused by little drop rates.
For example, yesterday, i got 2x 3Star Asc. Items (not farmable of cause) from a 4 Star Titan.
And i didn’t get any Asc Item from the prev ~30 Titans (5-7*)

I think the real difference are the amoungt of rolls, depending on the loot tier, see here: