Rookie mistake or hidden strategy?

Been wondering lately, as I encountered this situation a few times, why would anyone place Odin next to a purple tank in a top shelf 4700 - 4800 defense line… it’s like an open invitation for yellow mono. Not only you might get lucky and kill the tank early with tiles, but also strip Odin of his mojo in the process… if there’s some hidden strategy behind this set-up, I’m not smart enough to see the advantages…

I think this defense would be much harder to beat if Freia wouldn’t be tanking for Odin. Maybe Francine / Gefjon / Krampus / Odin / Freia?

He must have rearranged his defense to get someone to revenge on, not 100% sure though.

Might be, but I encountered this purple tank / Odin flank situation more than a few times lately. Made me wonder why experienced players would go for this defensive set-up…

If that’s the case, I made his day…

He probably didn’t put much thought into it tbh.

I think it could work with Ursena tank (although that would be 2 sorcerers). I’m not sure how I feel about Freya tank in general. Only her 5% mana cut upon death can be potentially annoying.


You should always have a yellow flank on a purple tank as yellow to yellow is weak. Usually you will see double yellows for a purple tank for vice versa. Also veteran players will usually keep their def team separate from all other teams. I use my second team as def and my 1st as my stage/titan team while the remaining is all my extra mono maxed heros.

Not if the flank is Odin… By the time he’s charged, the board is usually depleted of yellow shields and he becomes worthless… at least that how it worked out for me facing such duo, more often than not.

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Only advantage is maybe minions if fryea goes of then krampus its minons allround, then you got the taunt of krampus, then 3 fast hero’s that can do alot of damage.

Sorry I missed the point, I’d agree with you picking Odin wouldn’t be the best choice. I’m guessing they are just excited to put him up there without thinking of the synergy provided.

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