🕵 Rokkamush – S4 Hero – 4* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

This piece of :poop: is so useless that when i used mine as food for C-marjana she got diarrea.
I tested beforehand and he misses way too much.


Rokkamush is a RNG hero, if you cannot be objective about RNG this hero is not for you. It´s not about what happens the first time you use it, it´s not about what happened last time either, nor does it matter what you care to remember (no matter if that is 5 hits or 5 misses). It is all about averages. What happens on average after you have fired the special 1000 or 100000 times.

I have a hard time comparing Rokkamush to any other hero, because of this 50% accuracy thing. The obvious comparison is Sumle (which has comparable, but slightly lower stats from S3), but at 80% accuracy with slow speed the comparison is off in 2 big points. Anyway if I had to compare them I would say:
Sumle: 225% damage at 80% accuracy = 180 for 12 tiles or 15 per tile
Rokk: 200% damage at 50% accuracy = 100 for 8 tiles or 12,5 per tile

So Rokk has slightly better stats with somewhat lower damage output. Maybe decide based on bleed damage vs. extra damage for dead enemies?

But that is just comparing to weird heroes to each other, I´d like to know if either of them is worth it, compared to the standard heroes, so I thought about it like this:

I can either translate 50% accuracy into 50% damage (of course not exactly true, but good enough for a rough idea I think)
Which would then be a hit all 100% damage at fast speed, which is still unique for red 4 stars. but compared to say Colen who hits all at slow speed with 180% damage (plus Fire DoT instead of Bleed). So Rokk speed is 50% better (also the stats are of course much better) but the damage worse. I would say they are pretty close really. Colen Costume on the other hand with the upgraded stats and 240% damage would be much preferable I find.

Another way to look at it is to say 50% accuracy means he is not a hit-all hero, instead at 2.5 targets per hit on average he is somewhere between a hit-3 and a hit+minor damage nearby hero. And there is another red 4 star fast hit+minor damage nearby hero: Scarlet
Base version has overall worse stats, but Costume has comparable stats to Rokk (Scarlet has higher att, Rokk higher def). The damage of Rokk (200%) is right in betwenn regular (215%) and Costume (185%), so not much amiss there either. But again my choice would be the other option as I can target a specific hero with Scarlett.

Overall I would say Rokk is comparable to or better than regular season 1 heroes for damage output, but the costume versions are in my eyes better than Rokk.

So I would say Rokkamush is neither too weak nor too strong, just a matter of preference. And leveling or not depends on what other options are available.


My take on this one, is only to take him to fights you can win without him.


Rokkamush is just awful. Simple as. I took him for a trial run at 1/1 in S1 prov 6/3 and the amount of times he missed was criminal. Only once out of 8 or 9 times did he hit 3 out of 3. Before that it was usually 1 out of 3 or just missing everything completely. He really should have 90% accuracy or 10% chance to miss. Such a shame as he could be a brilliant hero, but unless he’s buffed he’s just feeder material.


You are describing a near perfect distribution.
Only having 3 enemies is of course a bad idea, he is a hit all and much better if you have 5 enemies like in PvP.

If you go against 3 enemies you expect to hit all and none 1 out of 8 times each, while you expect 1 or 2 hits 3 out of 8 times each.

Of course it’s my bad for expecting a hero to hit all 3 heroes in a map or event stage. What was I thinking? Having heroes like Frigg or C. Kadilen who hit all their enemies at fast speed at 100% accuracy is too easy. 100% accuracy is for sissies. I think SG should have heroes that have 25% accuracy just to make it more interesting. That way I’ll be able to appreciate Rokka-mush’s crap-a-licious 50% accuracy.

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Nobody in their right mind would take a Rokkamush if they had a Frigg lol. There is a reason why some heroes have 5 stars and others have 4 or 3 stars…

And yes if you have fast hit all with 200% damage 4 star at 100% accuracy you would use that one over Rokkamush, too :slight_smile: They are just hard to find…

Actually using a 5 star as a comparison was a bit shyte. Well let me see there is C Tibertus at 175% damage and C Wu Kong at 210% damage and both are at 100% accuracy. There. Not so hard to find.

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I know theyre both average but with costume mana bonus and mana troops theyre functionally fast and infinitely better than Rokkamush.

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A much better comparison is Scarlett: Same color, same speed, the only difference is the hit 1+2 minor, but Since Rokkamush is hit all at 50% in a PvP situation you end up with on average the same thing as Scarlett, as you most of the time will hit 2 or 3 enemies.
Is Scarlett amazing? Is she entirely useless? Or just somewhere in between?

CWu and CTib are both a different colour and slower speed, so not very easy to compare. If the colour doesn´t matter I would agree I would prefer either of them, especially Tibs with the def down.

In the end there are many 4 star heroes out there that will never see any usage in a highly developed roster, this one is just another one of them. But for people that don´t have fancy alternatives they´ll still be alright to use, just don´t expect to kill a 5k defense with them, but if that is who I had as a red option attacking a green tank in a say 3.5k-4k defense, I see no problem whatsoever.

I agree its such a pity there is no other fast red AoE 4 star hero. I’m sure there will be one in the future. I really wanted to like Rokkamush but hes just too unreliable.
Glad you agree re C Tibs and C Wu Kong.
As for Scarlett, I pair her with Kashrek and the extra hp (in a good game) means she can deal a few blows before dying. I see what you mean with her attack stats.

Well if Rokkamush works for you thats great. I’ve seen in previous posts that if he’s paired with Wilbur he can work wonders, but personally the 50% miss would only frustrate me. I’d rather give those emblems to someone like Ametrine (who is purple) where you know where you stand.
Anyway, thanks for the discussion and happy gaming.

I don´t have or plan on leveling that one myself, all I am saying is that it´s an average hero, worse than some better than others. And I always love a good strategy discussion :smiley:
happy puzzling yourself!

Scarlett can only give Attack+ to nearby heroes and herself

100% effective damage (200% x 50% accuracy) plus 45 per turn bleed damage is pretty weak but it is at fast speed. The main advantage I see to this hero is the fact that bleed stacks. So I would only consider leveling if I have other heroes (e.g. 2nd Rokkamush) that can take advantage of that. If it starts to get up to 135 bleed damage to all enemies per turn that is pretty significant

Only if you can hit the same hero consecutively. I’ve used him a few times and I’d be happy if he actually hit 2 defenders. I did try using Wilbur to help at least make sure everyone gets some damage, but don’t think it did all that much.