🕵 Rokkamush – S4 Hero – 4* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I have him as my 5th in the red mono.
I like him but he should get a little help.
Or 100% hit on the first target and the 50% about all the others or a scaling accuracy, 100% 1 target 80% the second one and so on.
Thinking about the devs’ laziness, if any balancing will be, probably it will be the first option or something like that.
I don’t think he will be OP if we will have the chance to select the first target, whom surely will be hit.

PRO: good stats, good brawler in PVP

CONTRO: not reliable in farming, yeah a bit of gambling


Trying to level him up. Using him in farming, my initial thoughts are that he is unreliable. Maybe more useful if paired on a mono red with wilbur → even if their ss dont align, you could probably fire rokk 1st, charge and fire wilbur then fire rokk for a 2nd time after matching more red tiles. I might stop ascending him bec i just pulled yang mai. Just having trouble finding a spot for him in any particular raid tournament.

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Yes, yes… he need buff… if not, I think I also plan only level him until 3.60 and stop there for moments. I already have got lucky this time in costume portal that give me Scarlett, and I have 2x Scarlett maxed, one emblemed and one without emblem, so I plan to level her costume both as priority before ascending Rokkamush.

1x, 2x hit often or even he can 0 hit in farming, I also already try him in low level farming. He is too gambling I agree.

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Not every hero has to be great, especially 4*. He does not “need” a buff, nor does one have to use him.

Only change I’d like to see is the bleed always applied like the original skill description and the direct damage sometimes missed


Great,… I agree… need at least this to be applied just like the decription written.

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Don’t use him for farming, he misses a lot with 3 of 4 enemies. He’s better PVP/ raids he’s been ok-good for me. When he misses it’s terrible but when he hits 3-4 I celebrate!

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I agree 100%. He is a good brawler in PVP, not good in farming because often you don’t need a big damage but a reliable damage.
But in PVP he is good, he is a softener and the bleeding damage is very useful.

I’m surprised no one noticed it.

We attack 4x Rokkamush + Scarlett (costumed)

Scarlett hits 1st and increases% attack

50% effectiveness is say that 2x Rokkamush hits everyone with strength 820 attack * 200% * 1.30
on top of that, there is bleeding (that’s the hit!) that accumulates
i.e. approx
500 additional damage.

it will end the fight.
and if the hits do not spread equally, then at least 3/5 of the opponent’s squad is dead
and even strong 5 * heroes!
all through accum. of bleeding.

We need only 6,7 to load fast mana…

I have him and anton. He need some balance. He will be loved when he does 100% hit allthough the % deal damage reduced. Anton need it too.

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I just pulled him and he seems pretty meh to me.

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He’s a junk hero. I leveled him and never use him because his miss rate is so high. Often he will miss every enemy. I don’t feel he hits hard enough to justify the miss rate.

(Dad joke response.) I heard Rokkamush is angry and divorced. When asked if he ever misses his ex, he replied, “I miss my ex half the time. But I have really bad aim.”


I agree. Stopped leveling him at 2/10. Misses too much.

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Yep he’s useless, he’ll make you lose more than help you win.

The 3* Sudri is better


I couldn’t say I was impressed either. He initially seemed okay on paper but testing him at 3/60 was a massive disappointment.

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I got rokkamush fairly recently. I haven’t touched him as of yet as I have a lot of 4 star reds already maxed that I use currently (including the most similar comparison in Sumle)

Whilst I really enjoy using Sumle it is very much high risk high reward and I only have one Wilbur to pair in to deal somewhat with compensating for the misses.

All a bit roster dependent, If you don’t have a colen (preferably costume) or Sumle and have a Wilbur to pair with him it may be worthwhile though and provide temporary help while you improve options


In my honest opinion, Rokkamush is just … well …. Just pants really.
I have had him since he was introduced and he still sits at 1/1. But I just cant get myself to feed him away


He might be best during bloody battle tournament, where healing is pointless and, because of the set 50% miss rate, you would THINK he wouldn’t hit your heroes when he goes off in the defense team. If the board’s bad or you happen to forget he’s there, I actually experienced him striking my heroes a couple of times and stacking on the bleed debuff. Didn’t have any cleansers either (was using a mono red team during a 4* tournament).

Offensively, Idk. Personally, Idk why this is being a gimmick. And from the way people talk about Rokkamush, they should have made him a very fast hero instead of fast to make up for the constant misses. Or give him Sumle’s 80% accuracy.


I was thinking that he is a decent hero when I got him, but found that his special is not that practical after used him with a time period, because 50% accuracy is a bit not worth when compared to damage power of primary attack and DOT. Yes his mana speed is fast but not a reliable choice no matter offensive or defensive. I finally reset his emblems and leave him at 4-70, I got another one in later on but I instantly feed him to other hero.


Same category as Danza and Wu…if not slightly worse! …tried it out on the map…miss miss here and there and one hit or so…I wonder why somebody in the dev design dept stil conceives this awful idea of this type of heroes…must be an inherent gambling ailment!

It’s completely a joke of a design!..

…my collector’s sense won’t feed him yet but…the next house keeping to free space…he will be fed off the same way his dupes were!


He was sitting on the bench at 1:1 for months and I finally fed him to Elizabeth! The collector in me wants to keep a copy of every hero but I finally decided to do a clear-up and Sumitomo, Agwe and Rokkamush turned into food :blush: