🕵 Rokkamush – S4 Hero – 4* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I agree. He has very good stats so good tile damage and a good resilience for a hitter.
He shines in the first rounds when he smashes the bunch of enemies.

He is not a sniper, so against a survivor on the wing he is not the best but it is also true that if there is a single enemy left, being fast, you charge him again and again and the bleeding DOT stacks.

He is balanced.

An improvement could be: “every time the special goes off he adds 5% to the accuracy to a max 65%”; or +5% for every dead enemy to a max 65%. This could balance having less enemies on the opponent’s side.

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Is it me… or is the blood damage also part of 50% chance? Or is it a bug? I think that the blood damage is always applicable. I now notice that not all targets get the blood damage

Yes it is.

I think Sg said it’s not a bug and they wanted to rewrite the card because at the moment the description is confusing, but it seems the wording is still the same.

This is very sad thing, I think the blood damage is the asset of this hero.

Change it to what the card says whahaga

The bleeding damage is applied on the heroes he hits.

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The wording on the card is misleading. It says all enemies receives (sic) bleed damage. While they’re fixing the “receives” typo they should change it to “all hit enemies receive bleed damage”…

Or they make a bug and bleed dmg should be done on all without miss chance as card says. So no card update on text , effects needs to be fixed. Or this hero is crap!

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Sorry, but logic should suggest that all the enemy hit will bleed, right?

Blind rage: he is mad, he swings his mace around without aiming. He can hit all with a lucky swing or he can miss all with an awful one… or, mostly, he hits the enemies who didn’t approach him carefully. Crap or not I think he has a very realistic special.

This guy is fast mana and hits for 200% damage plus extra bleed damage at a 50% hit rate. That equates to, on average, hit two at 200% and one at minor damage plus the bleeding. Not bad for a FAST hero. I don’t like him because I hate gambling heros (Wu Kong, Danzaburo, Rumplestiltskin, Sumle, even Malicna to a point). I personally want to know exactly what they will do when I fire them. He can be ultra strong (overpowered even) at times and he can literally get you nothing at times. Just the nature of it. If you, like me, can’t stomach the bad it can deal you then move on to another hero. He is good as is in my opinion.


This, exactly. I make Sumle work by combining him with Wilbur. Wilbur fires before Sumle. But Rokk would be always waiting for Wilbur, rendering him average.

If you get Wilbur to 9 tiles then 90% of the time they will charge together…

I’ve seen a video where there are 4 opposing heroes and he hits only one…
Hard pass, I’m gonna stick with my Sumle for now, unless I’m drowning in h.blades

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His card doesnt state that. It says to all heroes, not all heroes hit. If it was just to those it hit, it would state it in the 1st line of

Deals 200% damage and 180 bleeding damage to all enemies. Each hit has a 50% accuracy

Yes, the card is wrong


Yes, so it’s written on the card. Doesn’t change that it’s not working like that.

It’s correct that only those hit will also receive bleed damage.


what sucks about that is I wouldnt have put anything into him and just fed him away to level up something else. I’m like others that dont like the gamblers chance.

This hero needs a brutal buff, some suggestion:
Deals 200% damage to all enemies. Each hit has 50% accuracy. Minimum hit 2 enemies.


Good Call. Or hit one random enemy and 50% chance on remaining enemies.


Hey @jinbatsu Glad you are here as i didn’t want to derail the other thread. I played him on 20+ levels (farming (mobs =5).) at 3/60. I found he hits one or two reasonably often, once missed all twice in a row and just once hit all. He is a gamblers novelty. But why gamble against a stacked board. I’m giving Sumle some serious consideration now. He hits like a truck and even the 80% chance to hit creates annoying misses.