🕵 Rokkamush – S4 Hero – 4* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

It look like that normal bleeding and vampire bleeding are different ailment which will not overwrite or stack with each other in special way. Could you test two different vampire bleed ? How do they stack with each other ?

Vampire bleed is additive. Tested with Victor & Vlad. Damage increased when hit with Vlad

It stacks and firing rok a second time adds exactly what it should :thinking:
Don’t know how you read out of my description that it doesn’t stack.


Example: my 4.70 rokka deals 55 bleeding dmg each turn for 4 turns, ok?

I have mana pots, i fire again in the same turn, result: 110 bleeding dmg each turn for 4 turns.

2nd example: I fire rokka, 55 each turn, so 220 in 4 turns. I fire again after 2 turns, 110 bleeding dmg left plus other 220 by the second bleed and timer reset, so 110+220=330 in 4 turns.

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I read

Do you mean that it doesn’t add any extra damage when fire rokkamush a second time ?

@Drewrobi If you fire Vlad after Victor, how much damage increase (base on Vlad’s damage or Victor’s damage) ?

He means that it stacks but each bleed with his timer.

The bleeding DOT stacks but each bleed has its 4 turns. So if you hit again over a bleed, the timer is reset and the dmg left by the first bleed stacks with the new bleed and the overall dmg is divided by 4.

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All this :poop: (sorry :joy:) to say: IMHO the bleeding dmg is not negligible, maybe the best DOT?

It gives another taste to Rokkamush in my opinion.

I just clarified how stacking works. There are some who thinks, that if you fire rokkamush a second time he adds his bleed to the ongoing bleed and resets the timer, but it doesn’t work so.
In my example with 120 bleed each turn and 3 turns left and rokkamush with new 56 bleed :

:x: 120+56=176 and timer reset - doesn’t work, you would gain some extra damage out of nowhere because you expand 120 back to 4 turns

:white_check_mark: 120 over 3 turns is 360 total bleed damage left. If you reset the timer you need to disturb 360 damage over 4 turns - > 90 damage each turn
So you add the new bleed damage from firing Rokkamush a second time.
90+56= 146

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@kyle1893 @ferg Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know why do I understand that way even your explanation is very clear.

Ok here, is the last question about normal bleeding. If barbarian’s bleeding add damage 7 per turn for 5 turn (35 total bleeding damage)(barbarian’s bleeding duration is 5 turn Barbarian | Empires and Puzzles Wiki | Fandom ), then you use Rokkamush’s bleeding add 56 per turn for 4 turn, will total bleeding change to 64 or 65 per turn for 4 turn ?

I don’t know for sure wasn’t able to try it.

But I think it’s important who triggers first.
If you have bleed from barbarian and then rokkamush you will probably have 4 turns with all the bleed left from the barbarian and the whole rok bleed.

With rok first and after that barbarian bleed it should be exactly the other way, the bleed left from rok stretched over 5 turns and the barbarian bleed added.

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Could you test it ? I also not sure about duration too. Will it reduce from 5 to 4 turn or not ?

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I will test it. 20 characters of tests!

Yeah, the new bleed simply dilutes the damage left of the previous bleed in its 4 turns.
So it definitely stacks and in the most logic way.

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This is well known. However the maximum bleed value from vampire bleed is Victor hitting target 3x. You can’t increase it further no matter how often you hit again with Valeria or Vlad…however the timer will reset.

So, this is my current Rokka:

At +20 he would have +19 armor and +45 health: so 731 arm 1264 health.

With this attack plus mana troop +12 this is the bleeding dmg:

Stats are great for a 4* and bleeding damage is not negligible.


Nice…another 252 damage on the bleeding over 4 turns. Pretty good.

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