🕵 Rokkamush – S4 Hero – 4* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Every time I read something like that I think: but how many “worst” heroes are in this game??? :rofl:

Polarization make me sick, I agree!

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So, question. I have checked in the “status ailments etc” thread, I ask again here to be sure.

I have rokkamush maxed, he gives bleeding to an enemy, bleeding stacks, right?

I mean, bleeding because of special stacks with bleeding because of barbarians’talent and with other specials.

Is this correct?

Bleed from

  • Barbarian special
  • Rokkamush
  • Tyr
  • Vampires bleed (Victor, Valeria, Vlad) - different symbol than the first 3 bleeds

So two rokkamush’s bleeding specials stack or not? Thank you

I don’t have Rokkamush but I clearly think “Yes”.
The vampires bleed damage stacks, too. Even from different vampires.

If you have 2 Rokkamush you can try with unleveled heroes on any map stage.

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Thank you. I will make some tries and I will update here if it works with rokkamush too.
You are an expert about blood, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:+1: You got my name! :joy:

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So, yes, Rokkamush’s bleeding from special stacks: 55 per turn becomes 110 per turns etc.

It’s not negligible if we think about bleeding by talent which could stack too.

There are more performing solutions? Yup but i think he is a decent hero. Having a lot of barbarians emblems I will put some too to try him in raids.

I know that when normal bleed stack the add the damage and reset counter. Can Barbarian special, Rokkamush and Tyr stack with Vampires bleed in this way ?

Not sure which symbol the targets gets when hit by Rokkamush. I can test Tyr and Barbarian together if they reset…but I don’t have Rokkamush.

The vampire bleed only resets duration when hit by another vampire definitely not when hit by Tyr/Rokka/Barbarian.
The target then has 2 different bleed symbols…one from the vampires and one from the others. So Vampire bleed is its own type of bleed.

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Tested it with tyr and himself and yes stacks. Should also work with barbarians, but wasn’t able to trigger barbarian bleed and rok on the same target :crazy_face:

My rokkamush does 56 bleed each round, tyr 64. Together 120 as in the picture. Screenshot made after one turn, so 3 turns left.

Fired rokkamush a second time, stacks with the original bleed and timer is reset.
But just for clarification you need to consider, that you don’t gain any extra damage from that.
It’s not 120 bleed + 56 bleed = 176 bleed each round and timer reset.

The 120 bleeding over 3 turns is total 360 bleeding. Now with the timer reset 360 over 4 turns is 90 each turn and on top of that 56 from rokkamush =146 bleed each turn as you can see in the picture.
Works so with every bleeding


Yup! Rokkamush bleed is like barbarians bleed. Vampire is a different one and it stacks too.

Ok, now I understand how it works, so, let’s speak about rokka.

If I hit 2 times in the same turn it does straight bleed+bleed. Ex: 55x2 on 4 round.

If the next bleed happens after some turns it works like that: amount of first bleed left+new bleed and the amount is stretched on the 4 rounds (because of timer reset). Is it right?

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But the vampires have a maximum stack with bleed.
What happens when you use for example Valeria and rokkamush and fire them both two times? Will you loose some bleed because you are over the vampire max bleed?


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I have no vampires, mate. But we will figure it out! 20 bleeding characters!

Thank you! 20 characters of bleeding appreciation!

I’m out of friendly Match energy. So if nobody else does it, I will try it tomorrow with the vampires.

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I will wait your response!! I want to understand it because honestly I like how it stacks and it is an interesting feature!

Yes, the bleed stacks with Vampires. Tested with Victor. Victor has a single blood drop :drop_of_blood: and Rokk has a double


This is interesting. Firing Rokkamush a second time don’t add more any extra damage. Does firing Rokkamush a second time also not add more any extra damage too ? And do you have second Tyr or Rokkamush, can Tyr/Rokkamush’s bleeding stack with another Tyr/Rokkamush ?

From what I know, barbarian bleeding can stack damage without limit.

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