Rokkamush descriptiom and special differ

The description specifies that all heroes receive the bleed damage but it actually only applies to those heroes that have been hit

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I’m sure its work as it should, he applies bleeding only to heroes that get hit but its not clear description


The description is not unclear, it is contradictory. It is a bug either way. Cosmetic or functional.

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This was the case in beta and nothing has changed. Guv has a simple one word way of clarifying the wording.

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I get that this is the way it was working in Beta, but that still doesn’t make it any less incorrect. It should be fixed either in the card description or in the functionality

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I agree, should change the wording on the card. I read it as though all heroes got the bleed, whether they were hit or not. Without that bleed, with 50% miss rate, not sure I’m very excited to level him.


Thanks to the forum i am now sure that he will be nothing more than a feeder. 50% miss chance means is awful and he will be very unplayable in offense because of that.

Its a bit sad and reminds me of a typo in german translation where baldur was said to boost all allies health by 1000, instead of just his own :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It depends, I have maxed him and at the end of the day, despite the chance to miss, he hits fast and he has the chance to hit all. I think about him like a lawnmower, useful at example in raid or war with a support to soften or to kill “something” on the opposite side. Less effective if there are only few opponents left.
It is also true that with holes in the opponent’s defense he charges his special really fast… and if I have understood well bleeding effect stacks.

I don’t consider him so terrible, if we consider the lack of fast raw power in red rosters. IMHO.

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