Rogue talents

Should i take emblems from Marjana and distribute them equally to everyone? I dont use those cards for defence. Only for all kind of offence.

I had/have them all on Marjana and now I will also distribute them to all Rogues I have…

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Depends. Do you have a roque in your war defense? Then put the most emblems on that hero.

I would give Francine 1 emblem to enable her talent. (But don’t reset Marjana only for that)

I find +7 a reasonable number to stop embleming a 5*. The hero will get talent 3/5 and will be noteably stronger than with no emblems.


@Vikingblood80 i only use Marjana in war equalizer. Daily i use Mitsuko in defence.

I would keep it. +7 means 395 emblems…resetting Marjana is not enough for all 3 to go +7.

If you find that you need Khiona or Francine very often…stop embleming Marjana (+15 probably for full talent) and give it to them.

I had a Domitia +7 before finishing Marjana. My original plan was to reset her and give it all to Marjana. I skipped that plan as Domitia is in my best attacking team. Marjana is in my war defence. I will stop Marjana probably at +18 as the last 2 nodes cost 375 emblems which is almost the amount as doing a fresh hero +7.

I give emblems +1 to almost all heroes I use in tourneys to enable the talent.

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I am advocating to at best distribute the emblems on several heroes of different elements to improve those heroes in their respective teams, especially more so if you are not using such class emblem on a hero defending. I try to make an army, not wasting emblems fully on a hero not on defense. All defending heroes must be at least +18. Currently, i have my ranger emblems on Athena, Lianna w/ MCB and Sedhat, all at +7 and I still have over 700 of those emblems. My fighter and rogue emblems are distributed also to several 4* and 5 star heroes since i dont have ideal fighters and rogues ideal in defense.

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I’d advise +8 for rogues. That gives you the mana node for troop flexibility.

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I think marjana deserves the rogue talents at least to +18 as the only affordable red sniper so unless you have Gefjon i won’t reset her.

I think khiona +8 to get the mana node so you only need a level 17 mana troops is a good idea but if you have a level 23 mana troop then just don’t emblem her she’s sturdy enough as she is.

Francine is a beast I would get her to +19 as next project after marjanna.

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Yeah might be an idea.

But even more beneficial for Domitia than Marjana.

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