Rogue talent evades Captain of Diamonds Destroy Minions ability (V. 29, after the hero balance changes)

In short:
When I attacked in the war recently I encountered Puss in Boots that had summoned his three blind mice minions, and I attacked with Captain of Diamonds’ special ability. Puss in Boots’ Rogue talent activated and evaded the direct damage from the special, but also got to keep all of his minions. Is this intended?

Details + secondary concern

Captain of Diamonds did not have any status effect applied to him that affects accuracy.

I don’t have the exact date and time or any documentation of it, but it happened after the most recent update.

A secondary concern that hit me when I wrote this: after hitting Puss in Boots, Captain of Diamonds went on to attack one additional target. This did not concern me at first, since I had read that the conditions for repeated hits from his special would change in beta (from “Attacks randomly a new target if any Minions were destroyed”, to “Attacks randomly a new target if hit a target with Minions”). But when I checked Captain of Diamond’s hero card, the description still says “Attacks randomly a new target if any Minions were destroyed”, and it still hit an additional target even if none of Puss in Boot’s minions were destroyed. I just tested this in a raid with Telluria vs. Captain of Diamonds, and when I targeted Telluria + minion with CoD, he did not get to hit a new target. Should this be addressed in a separate topic?


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