☆ Rogue Rage ☆ several spaces available for active daily players

As part of the ☆ Rogue ☆ Family of alliances you will have access to a wealth of knowledge, an abundance of good humour and part of a group of awesome players.

☆ Rogue Rage ☆ expectations:

  • Active daily player
  • If opted into war use all flags. No complicated war strategy, we have fun (and are quite successful)
  • A desire to hit 10* titans - have titan flags? Just use them :wink:

Optional - A Line ID. We have separate chat groups to share and / or ask advice and expertise on titans, wars, events, etc and in-game information / announcements that you are welcome to join.

To find out more DM Jay (Line ID jtgreene2), or Saphira (Line ID saphira279) or reply below or ask to join in game, and mention you saw this forum ad.

GL on your E&P journey


Really great group to get in on!

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@XpeepantsX I read your inquiry to join another alliance and thought, what you’re looking for would also describe Rogue Rage.
GL on your E&P journey

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Hmm… There’s just lots of information shared on Line. You could try it and see how you go. Game chat is informative, and messages are updated there too.

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What’s your gamertag and I’ll let the others know to expect you :wink:.

Also @XpeepantsX I just checked, Line is not essential for Rage… But it’s an extra resource if you want

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We’ve had an influx of awesome players join Rage… But…there’s still room for more.

Good to see fresh and friendly new members in Rage. We would love to keep the momentum going for anyone looking for an active alliance to help them grow!


If most of your alliance is now mostly casual, logging in every other day, we have room for a small group at Rage.

Reply here or ask to join in-game, and mention you saw this forum ad. Hope to see you soon.

Great alliance that is improving daily. Come and be part of a great team :slight_smile:

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I am bumping this thread because we have several openings! We’re a chill team that just asks you to use yr flags. We’re taking down 10* titans, and we’re all very charming


Lots of room if a small group wants to join together. Get in contact with Jay :arrow_double_up: contact details in OP, or reply below and someone will be in contact.
Thanks for stopping by :grin:

After war :crossed_swords: we have 3 newcomers!!! There is still plenty of room for a small alliance to merge into the Rogue Rage family!!! Please reach out to my Line ID Saphira279. See expectations in the posts above! Thank you for your consideration! Game on!!!

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☆ Rogue Rage ☆ currently at 13/30. Looking to rebuild our training alliance in the ☆ Rogue Family ☆

Bring some friends or bring a small alliance over and we will keep you headed in the right direction. Looking for players level 40 - 60! See requirements above!

As always, thank you for your consideration and happy gaming :partying_face::partying_face:

Plenty of room for active daily players. Currently hitting 7* titans, and on a war winning streak.

Bumping this ad…
Still space for active daily players of any level

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