Rogue (Indonesian Translation Incorrect)



In the hero class, Rogue is translated as “Bangsat” in Indonesian language. “Bangsat” is an offensive word that can be considered as a curse word. The correct translation should have been “Berandal” as they used in Layla’s description.

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Thank you for letting us know, we’ll look into fixing the incorrect translation!

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@Petri this change was not yet made. Would you please check?


Thank you @Kerridoc for opening this issue :grinning:

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Just few minutes ago I was asked by my alliance teammate why the translation still use “bangsat”… He have many alt accounts in other alliances, apparently other Indonesians also feel unease with the word “bangsat”…


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Haha, bangsat if translated into english would be an azzhole

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Do the actual form of this word is censored?


Don’t know. U can try urself.




We just have new update but the translation issue is not corrected yet. How long will it be? Does SG plan to have massive translation correction all at once at some point in the future?