Rogue family recruiting

2 alliances: Gone Rogue (not casual); Rogue Fury (competitive but casual).

Gone Rogue -
Line wizard801 or chazman007 for vetting -
20+ 5’s (prefer 30+);
troops in their 20’s (with a solid 2nd set);
150k average titan damage (83 14*'s in a row);
6 ready war teams;
4600+ primary defense (maintain +2400 cups);
Dedicated daily players w/ seasoned vets;
Very chatty “adult” group of serious players;
Top 100 when full…

Rogue Fury - join and become part of the family

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Come be a part of rhe Rogue family!

Just need 1 more superstar!

Gone Rogue has 2 openings for top 100 players!

Come and be a part of the rise! The Rogue group of alliances wants you!

Congrats on the quick rise. Please tell ice and the crew that the shops and especially mama bear say hi and hello and wish u all the best. :heart:

Will definitely relay the message!

Thank u and good luck. May the boards be with u all, except dan :laughing:

Thank you and best wishes to continued success!

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