Rogue emblems — Marjana or Domitia?

A very simple dilemma, who gets my rogue emblems marj or dom? I can take them to +5. Who do you think gets the maximum benefit from this class overall? Thank you in advance for your responses :wink:


Who do you use more? That should probably be your metric.

Evade is equally useful to all, though probably more valuable to Domitia, who is markedly less tanky than Marjana.


I gave mine to Domitia and am really liking her. At +1 attack node she hits as hard as regular Sartana, and at node 8 she will get the mana boost and charge up in 9 tiles with just a level 17 mana troop. That makes her essentially fast. With good damage, very useful dispel 3, and the +def against yellow for titans, I really like emblemed Domitia. Plus she already dodges quite frequently, which is very useful. Blast her attack path all the way. Marjana on the other hand is already fast so doesn’t stand to gain much on that front, which was a big part of the decision for me


The reason I asked it in a straight dom vs marj perspective, is my marj is a new edition to my stable and I was just about to go 4th tier with dom when she appeared.

Both would be my 1st 5* in each colour, but realistically I wanted the best option as they would be in my def, and although I’ll max both eventually the holder of the emblems would remain my go to on def for some time

I currently only have 2 maxed 5* onatel and misandra. If I choose dom anzogh may well become the red5* option, but again onatel already has dibs on wizard emblems

so it’s not ideal as I’ve decided my 5* def will get emblems and the rest will go towards 4* hero’s instead

So I guess really the question is 2 fold, who’s the better def option and they automatically get the rogue emblems

Onatel is my tank, so their be vying for a flank or wing position

Given that extra info, I lean more towards Domitia.

  • Better against titans, with higher tile damage and that sweet 94% yellow shield
  • Good to place a dark hero next to a yellow tank (and vice versa) to mute damage from tiles aimed down the center
  • At average mana, needs that mana boost at +8 more
  • At below average defense stat, needs the Evade more

Do you happen to have Scarlet?

Good for epic and legendary events, titans and attack raiding/wars (and much more easy to max).

I honestly think she is an amazing choice for rogue emblems, and i’m planning to work on her after Jackal.

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Yeah I love Scarlett too. After I get Domitia to node 8 mana boost, I’m probably gonna stop there and start on Scarlett

Yeah I have scarlet at 3/60 at the moment, but this being my main def for raid and war I think she’ll need to wait red 4* are my strongest element maxed falcon Wilbur bt colen Gormek, scarlet kellie and 2nd bt at 3/60

@Elpis which path for jackal? Attack or defense?

Going to assume same path for Scarlett as well?

Off topic but who would you max first between her and Lancelot?

My other lvled reds are Zim, BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Marj 3/70, QoH 3/70

For me it is useless to “balance” a hero that people really love for his huge attack, and rather enhance that same status that is one of his strong points.

Only node 8, and he has an incredibly value in attack.
Probably many people are considering to give him more health/defence to make him less squishy against high level titans, but i still prefer to mainly boost his attack and hope what it comes in that same node help him to survive.

When i reach +20 i finally know if it was the right choice :slightly_smiling_face: