Rogue Dodge in Trial doesn't dodge debuff- Not a bug

I was doing the new trial and my Little John did his special, which Scarlett dodged. However, the Mana generation debuff was still applied.

Isn’t that by design? The talent description says it’s a chance to dodge direct damage from special skills, not that it can dodge special skills themselves.

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Apparently so. It’s just not as useful as I thought. I’d expect a dodge to be the same as missing. Oh well.

I had blind applied to Little John and he missed a few of my defense team. The mana debuff still applied to all team members. This is not work as intended, other debuffs are not applied when missed due to a blind debuff. I think this is an actual bug.

The class design splits “dodging” into two parts:

  1. Rogue’s Evade provides a chance to miss the direct, upfront damage of a special attack, but does nothing about the Status ailments (e.g. DoT)
  2. Monk’s Withstand provides a chance to miss the status ailment, but does nothing about the direct damage.

Only Inari’s special skill gives a chance to avoid both.


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