Rogue Co-leader kicked all he could

Maybe a topic for another day, but playing a lot doesn’t always equal helpful, chatty or responsible.


Maybe it wasn’t him at all. Maybe he lost or sold his phone. You have no way of knowing who’s behind the screen…Anyway, the inability to demote inactive leaders is a long term illness for E&P and has been extensively discussed here. Unfortunately SG did nothing about it, probably fearing legal issues. The only available response to this kind of situations is starting a new alliance, which you already did. You’ll be back to former glory in no time. Good luck!


When I had read just the title I were expecting a “dividi et impera” new war’s tactic.
Still sad news, as suggested here above I would start a new alliance with the same old name to make it easier to find.

Example: Army of Destruction 2.0
If the peoples that got kicked would try to rejoin Army of Destruction and their request would be denied then they would surely try to join Army of Destruction 2.0 as they would know the leader, even just to ask what happened.


That is one of the most lowdown, rotten things anyone can do!! Some players have no moral compass and a HUGE sense of entitlement.

The really cool thing is that I have yet to find more than a sprinkle of these type on the forums. After being an admin for years from some rather large groups I find this forum a refreshing breath of fresh air. Always helpful, almost zero trolls and the mods are all top notch. But I digress

Unfortunately there is Little you can do other than have your old leader contact SG and see if he can regain his position and clean house. Meanwhile wait it out in your new alliance. I’m sorry all that hard work seems to have gone down the drain, but remember “Karma is a B” and that co-leader will eventually get what’s coming (P.S if you need to borrow some napalm and a slightly shot up helicopter hit me up)

Good Luck and I hope your issues end up being resolved!!


While I mostly agree with the second part (people getting defrauded from obvious scams), it is actually not that unusual for people that you think you know, have known and trusted for many months or even years, to suddenly turn on you and become somebody completely different.

Maybe they found a new set of friends, new relationship etc. and their newfound “family” has decided to turn them against you (maybe they joined a cult? LOL).

Maybe they had a mental breakdown of some kind, or had a moment of “mental clarity” and decided that their relationship with you was toxic for whatever reason (doesn’t mean you were at fault, maybe they were a submissive type person who was used to going along with whatever the group decided, and later found “their voice” and decided they wanted to do something different).

… or maybe they were just a deceptive sociopath the whole time who lied to you long enough to gain your trust before deciding to ultimately betray you.

I’ve seen and known every type. IRL and online both. Had a couple of those types in my first alliance, actually (no, I won’t name names). Some have even accused me of being one of those types, because I am prone to occasionally changing my mind about the people I’ve been associating with (though I’ve never intentionally attempted to take down the entire group with me, I prefer to say thanks and goodbye and sneak out the back door, never to return).

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Oh now I see your a back ender. :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Yes I am prone to completely dropping off the map when I feel a certain community, alliance, social circle or such is becoming toxic to my personal well being. Have done so with personal relationships too. I guess they call this “ghosting”. Some call it cowardly… but I never leave without first giving warning signs, then an explanation beforehand. There is nothing to be gained from continuing to argue with people that you will never see eye to eye with. I see it as the best possible solution to avoid drama and hurt feelings on all sides.

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@Lilianna I’m sorry your alliance is going through that. Since misery loves company :smile:, our alliance went through something similar several months ago.

Our leader transferred leadership to a co-lead before going on a break. When he came back, we gave his leadership back. A couple days later we logged on to find that he’d kicked everyone out.

Those of us on Line got together to start a new alliance. We ended up losing 1/3 of our people because they weren’t on Line and we had no way to get ahold of them.

Don’t worry about the 1* Titans. They’ll go quick. Just try to have everyone pull their punches on the baby Titans so everyone gets chances to hit and fill their chest. I ended up using a 3* team until we got some tougher Titans, and held back on using flags to help more members get chances to hit. If anyone gets crabby about it, remind them it’s temporary and you’ll be back to the tough guys soon enough.

If there’s a co lead left in the old alliance, can they set the alliance message if anyone looks them up?


This is really unfortunate. Can you generalize the problem? There are so many ways to quickly recover an account. It took me only 5 days including a weekend. The only big issue might be if the leader had not made any recent in-game purchase. That is the easiest way for them to confirm your identity.

The leader is the only one who can demote that problematic member. When he is demoted others can kick him out

Thank you all for your responses. We just started a new alliance together minus trouble maker. We did lose some who we couldn’t find and a few that decided to go their own way. We’re currently mobbing through baby titans and getting antsy while watching flags fill. We smashed it in our first war together as a new team and moving right along. Less than a week old and 112k alliance score already. Thanks for all the feedback, again. You guys are such a great community to be a part of. And, if anyone’s looking for a home I could use about 4 :wink:. +3600 tp, 2k cups, and must use line. Blitzkrieg Demo Crew!


He had a thread going here. I know there’s more that’s happened since but he’d have to explain. It sounds complicated.

And here’s my completely shameless plug.

Must be Sir Fightsalot - he is only one left and he will be a lonely guy because his requirement for being on team is 3000 cups :slight_smile: which no one has of course

I get the nostalgia, but in the end nothing goes down the drain. Alliances don’t have any persistent achievements that are lost.
Just move to the new one without the douche and everything is fine. Being unhappy due to a few days of low-level titans is nothing in comparison to constant dealing with an idiot leader.

SirFights is the leader that was locked out of account; the co leader that ruined the alliance set requirements to 3k, invite only, and left a lovely message as well. Psycho!

Did the most of you get moved ok???

For the most part :smiley: thnx for asking. We just need two to fill us up now.

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