Rogue Co-leader kicked all he could

Hello community members; I’m reaching out to you all to 1.) let others know and 2.) ask for your advice/feedback. The alliance leader for Army of Destruction has been locked out of his account for several months now. During this time we repeatedly had problems with a co-leader, but no one could demote or remove him. In addition, some who should have been co-leaders could not be promoted. Well, this problem co-leader was repeatedly asked to stop certain behaviors and would not. He kicked members with no provocation, promoted friends the first day, and demoted whoever he felt like. While we were discussing starting a new alliance, but reluctant to leave a 195k alliance, he kicked the elders out of the alliance. He did this while in Line chat with the actual leader telling him not to. So, to my point; our alliance Army of Destruction, has basically been stolen. What, if anything can we do about this?

I am VERY SORRY this has happened to your team. Start a new alliance


I do not think SG will do anything about it. I would try to get the leader that was locked out to start a new alliance and start over

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Thanks Rohn, we actually did. But it’s more than a years work for some of the members down the toilet.


1 Star titans, yuck :rofl:

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Sometimes people just suck! I’m so sorry for you and your alliance.

Ultimately the leader could kick the rogue co-lead, make it invite only and get everyone back that way.

Perhaps you could find a smaller alliance and merge with them as starting from scratch also means, starting at 1* titans.

Good luck with your decision making.


If the alliance leader can go through the lost account recovery process, then they can resume leadership and kick the co-lead.

Otherwise, @Rohn is right: all you can do is start a new alliance. There is no mechanism or process for taking leadership away from a leader. They have to relinquish it by promoting someone else.


Unfortunately, our leader hasn’t been able to get into his account for almost 3 months now. He’s still going back and forth with Google and SG :frowning:

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When I left the 1st alliance I was in and started my own I went threw the 1*s also but they will not last long. And in wars you will be fighting about same type of enemys as you was if the most went with you. And its also kinda like a small break.


Thanks Rohn, that is encouraging. :hugs:

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How many went with you??

People are still moving, it’s only been an hour or two. I imagine there’s some confusion still right now.

I sure hope all works out for you guys… But like the old saying goes there is ALWAYS a rear end in the crowd


If it dont I can make room for 3 in my alliance just yell at me by replying to one of my posts. We are fighting *8s and harpoons. LOL

Starting over can be tough, but in my experience, it’s definitely worth it. Your first wars and titans will be ridiculously easy. Kill the titans quickly, win the wars decisively, and it won’t take long for you to return to your proper level.


Hello @Lilianna

Sorry to hear about your situation
If you decide to move with new alliance please check ‘Genesis Uprising’ - it might be your new home

:fist: Genesis Uprising is recruiting

Dreadful story @Lilianna

Our experience if moving was that the quicker you kill titans, the quicker they are upgraded. This might mean some players score 0 if the titans are killed really quick, but it’s only in the short term.


@Linguini, this is not a recruiting thread. The OP asks for advice/feedback on what to do in the situation of a stolen alliance.

@Lilianna, that’s some seriously bad luck there. I think the best you can do is try to move forward with your newly formed alliance and hope some of the missing members read the forum. Do you know if they do? You could try and tag them.

As for your Leader, it sounds like a bad situation with 3 months passing without resolution. But in such a case, if it’s not resolved fast within a week or so, it’s probably not a bad idea to start transferring to a new alliance anyway. No good having an alliance with an inactive leader account- no matter the reason.

Thank you all for your advice and offers for a home :wink:. We’ve got 17 or our members moved. Some that weren’t on Line I’m not sure how to find.
Really wish there were some way to find players or pm within the game. I know some people don’t like the chat apps but in situations like this it’s so necessary. One of the co-leaders was trying to stay (since he couldn’t kick her) and let people know what happened. The chat just became too hostile though. :frowning:


Your troublemaker needs to get a new hobby. Why spend time and effort ruining other people’s fun? The mind boggles.


Also, you can block individuals in chat


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