Rockets Red GLare Recruiting 1400 Cups 10/11 Star Tians

Rockets Red Glare needs 5 members. We are a highly supportive Alliance that is dedicated to maintaining long term members and helping each other grow. We are “Real Life First” BUT, daily play is a must. You must use all War Flags. We typically have 0 Flags left at the end of a War. We’ve won our last 3 Wars and frequently have 3-4 War win streaks. If you are going to miss a War you must opt out and communicate with us. No discord or Line accounts though we are highly Chat active and expect you to read the Chat and welcome any discussions.

Are you tired of bouncing from Alliance to Alliance where your hard work, dedication, and skills are taken for granted? Fed up with needless drama? Join Rockets Red Glare. Welcome home.

-Your RRG Family

A Benefit of RRG Membership: You’ll always get superior loot from Titans! Titans LOVE us!

We’ve already had 5 RRG member summon Jean-Francois! That’s how awesome our Alliance is

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