Roc need a buff

Why doesn’t Roc’s special change with an increase in special skill?

Roc’s special at any level 1,2,X/8 is exactly the same as at 8/8. The dot past of his special scales with the attack stat rather than the special skill level as far as I’m aware so I’m disregarding that aspect however no other parts of his skill change when you level the skill up which just seems strange.

I’m not sure there is any other hero like this? JF is similar but the Def against ice does increase when you level the skill up. In Roc’s case, his secondary effects are -50% healing and cleanse all which don’t change, I would have expected a staggered healing % at least but I guess none of the same empire heroes have that but they do have initial damage that increases with skill level.

Just another odd thing about him in addition to his comparative strength against other "new’ seasonal heroes

Are your saying that you are diaspoonted that rocs special didn’t hypothetically start at 6% healing reduction and work it’s way up to 50% I see that as a gift! His damage on the special does infact increase on every special level until it reaches the maximum of 321. A cleanse all is very beneficial for any hero his high defence and hp allows you to hold on to a special for longer for maximum impact. You cannot buff roc it would change the nature of his essence and would make him far too powerful

Decided to give roc another chance, so been playing around with an all dot team, i gotta admit, super fun to see everyone melt away. I may give roc some emblems back.


It would be helpful to include how you use the hero and with which other heroes —

I don’t know if he’s weak or if someone else may have dialed it in… but I do know pages of “he sucks, buff him” is about as useful as asking a room full of strangers who lost the twenty.

Think he may need something — but he also isn’t the most useless card in the deck… don’t think he’s even the most useless Event hero … in holy :slight_smile:

Kind of sucks to have two holy heroes in the same event :x

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I’m curious to know your level in the game @Vixx

That’s a lovely set of troops @michaelangelo

Okay, I’ll bite: what synergies am I missing?

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this is the rainbow team I’m working in right now

my mono I’m working on but I’m also currently working on gullinbursti

Edit: this is easier

How’s that Heimdall working out for you. I haven’t got 1 yet

I tried mono yellow with roc, didn’t work out as well as the dot team

That’s just to do with the attack stat, dot scales with attack stat not special skill level. (Eg. see posts about people not understanding why their 8/8 dot hero doesn’t have the same skill as advertised).

The special skill level doesn’t change the dot as you can see when you are just ready to ascend it only goes up by 1 or 2 due to the small attack stat increase. Technically because if this I believe you could have a maxed roc but skill at 5/8 and it would be the same as 8/8 which just seems a bit wrong.

Obviously no I’m not disappointed it’s like that, more disappointed there isn’t anything that increases per skill level, like an initial damage, or even more healing reduction, from 50 to 75 for example.

Agree you need to time it correctly but average isn’t particularly fast anyway for a cleanse all when compared to others like zim, c. Sonya, c. Caed, even c. Rigard is quicker due to costume bonus so I don’t think any buffs would make him op. Also, by the time you are ready to cast it might already be too late -there is a reason fast cleansers are sought after!

Having said all this, I think he’s an okay hero but given he’s a rare seasonal hero and one of the latest batch, compared to the other v2 event/season heroes he could have been better than he currently is. Just some initial damage or an additional buff like Def/attack up/down etc. Just something more.

Interestingly, the thing that could make him really good could be the family bonus, however all the specials are so similar… I’m going to try to use him with yunan when he’s maxed but I’ll have to investigate further whether this works or just overwrite each other.

the sand damage does overwrite each other. kind of takes away some of the incentive to put all 3 together for family bonus.

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it would be nice if they changed

*All enemies get -50% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns

with: steals 50% for any healing from all enemies for 2 turns.

I like his simplicity and strength; easy to build a team around … but his rez isn’t great.

omg, your team has annoying damage per turn. I love it!

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