Roc need a buff


Roc is much weaker than Yunan and Rana and one of the weakest heroes in game.
Some 3 * heroes have a better special skill than him.

Maybe you could change his speed to FAST, like in the first beta,
or add additional damage as Yunan has.

Roc a disaster like hiroe

Roc une catastrophe comme hiroe

I agree I have to put it on fast

Согласен надо поставить на быстрый

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Yes he is very weak and it was a “new 5 * hero of the summer event” and the statistics made me weaker than the older heroes. Roc is a clean loser …


Wish I had seen this before I ascended him, I did think his special seemed weak, but figured there was something I was missing. I could have ascended a second Drake or Joon that I already have at 3/70.

That’s really to bad, I hope they buff him at least a little.

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He doesn’t seem worth the materials sadly, he will stay at 3.70 unless he gets improved

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I’ll see if I even put him up at 3/70, Malosi, guinever, leonidas and free justice are definitely a better choice.

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He needs to be at least fast mana. Vela has a much better special at fast mana.


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And JF - similar dot, no initial damage and secondary effects but he is fast too?

Presumably the thinking is that the healing reduction and dot at fast would be too much?

Could they reduce the healing reduction or reduce turns to only one… less useful of course but I’d take that if it it meant he could change to fast. Alternatively change dot to 2 turns or remove the cleanse to all, change to nearby or just self etc.

Ideally I would have preferred a 5* version of hisan / gafar as a fast sniper with the sand empire effects like them would have stacked better with yunan / Rana

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I don’t have Roc but i do have Jean fully ascended.
Jean is… ok. Not really great, not really useful. Not really bad.

I thought i would use him much more then how much i actually use, mainly because no damage at all at first turn is a good reason to rather pick other heroes.

Now Jean is Fast and is ok. No need to buff, but hardly a must have hero.

Roc is average.
I don’t think he is ok, and something should be added.

Many beta players suggest that before release, but deaf ears on the other end.

Probably a tweak on damage and moving to fast would do the trick.

Still not an amazing hero, but a fast cleanser (like Zim) is always nice to have.

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Ooof, Roc is one of the weakest heroes? :fearful: ooof, i had hopes for him… ah well! Guess I’ll save my darts for hotm panda coming soon!

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I wouldn’t say Roc is useless. Given the right board, he can absolutely perform. The difference between him and Rana is really his talent class. barbarian class is a huge deal for him as he is the only holy 5* that can inflict 2 unique DOTs, bleed and sand damage damage. You can further stack poison and burn and with the minus healing ailment and can ensure your enemies can’t heal back the DOT damage. If you have no black Knight or gravemaker he is the next best hero to give barbarian emblems and is only barbarian hero where his talent skill matters in the long run

I enjoy Roc but would love a buff.
He’s a split between Yunan and Rana, with the solely DOT style of JF.

I ascended him right away because it gave me a yellow DOT, which fits beautifully in with my other 4 color DOT. Just need the emblems.

His tiles are naturally strong and i like taking him on my titan teams for the cleanse.

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Roc needs to be at least fast mana urgently !!!


It was my first and only legendary from any event after 16 months of playing this game.

I was happy for 1o sec until I noticed the horrible speed nerf with no damage added to the special.

Do SG think they did a good job on him ? Everyone keeps him at 3-7o … a new very rare event 5* …


Bump him back to fast
Or give him initial damage at average

Just my 2 cents


The released version of Roc in the live game was what prompted me to max my Rana obtained in 2019, who was standing by at 3/70 along with my Vivica. I didn’t use my EHTs last SandEmpire because I dont have extra tonics if I ever get Yunan and I don’t need him since I have Telly working as tank already. Roc’s main purpose, as I see it, is not only to deal DOT(only he, Arman and Rana deals DOT among yellows, a unique feature among the SandEmpire heroes) as well as a better cleanse than the slow Viv. I don’t see the need for him to be buffed because I dont have him. And if I ever got him, I would only ascend and max him if I am desperate for a maxed 5s yellow and sitting on a surplus of darts.

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I’d settle for fast mana, a decent status effect (maybe ATK down, blind, or even Malosi’s effect), or a small heal attached to it maybe around 15-20%. Any of those would bring the hero into the correct power level without making Rocc a straight damage dealer, imo.


Jf its UP??? We can look on Roc now. I dont have him but this its shame, a seasonal event hero to be one of the worst hero on the game, they are available just once on the year they must be unique and powerful and not a joke.


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