🌴 Roc - 5* Holy/ Yellow from Sand Empire

There are always threads with heroes that arw often used in the top defenses, thats where bera finley frigg and odin stand insanely high.

SG themselves claim to “wisely watch for heroes that overwhelmingly are used, and use balance to give more diversity to the game”

Maybe they should also watch at the bottom of this list. I am very sure that this bottom of all yellow heroes looks something like this:

Number 1: Odin
2. - 23. All other yellows

Then… somewhere in the darkness of the game, they appear:
24. Leonidas
25. Norns
26. Roc
27. Guardian Owl

And i swear to god I encounter even gullinbursti more often than roc… it is such a shame

Whilst I was looking for all yellow heroes i got really angry (look here)…
Except for Guardian owl and roc, almost every… single… one of them has quite goos usabilty, maybe you should put inari in Addition

So… anyways… look at the freaking bottom of the list…

Buff roc… give him healblock of 75% for 4 rounds if you dont want to enhance his damage, but just … do something. For diversity