Roaming Tigress 🐅

Tigress looking to roam and visit top alliances in search of a new home.

Experienced player:

  • Level 94
  • 90+ 5* heroes @ LB+20
  • Troops @ 29/29/23 (P,Y) & 29/29/17 (B,G,R)

Enjoy hitting 14* titans and wars. Never missed a titan or left any flags unused. Less keen on quests which require replaying the same levels over again and again while burning tons of battle items.

Looking for a friendly alliance with the right balance of competitiveness and yet chilled. No big egos or drama please. Life’s too short.

Please reply here or message me on Discord (@Shere#5788) if you’re open for a :tiger2: visit.


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
Your more than welcome to come visit Dragon Cohort TMA
Not pushing for top 100 anymore just playing together as a team and we’ve dropped titans down to 11/12* in preparation for the start of the next pov.
But all fl!gs used & 100% participation for titan

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RELAXED yet very competitive
Stringing 14 star titans
Pride ourselves on using all war flags
More than welcome to visit

Just hit that link and it will bring you to our welcome channel
From there we will open up our extensive library you can keep and use just for visiting . No strings attached

Take a look at The Pirate Horde

12/13* Titans, with the occasional 14

We use Line rather than Discord
My Line ID is in that linked post

See what ya think

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Not sure if this would interest you, but, we are top 300 when full. We have been higher. We lost a couple of our high level players to real life stuff and looking to regrow again.

Transcendent Heroes

14* Titans - 100k minimum per titan

Wars are optional, but obviously use all flags if opted in. It is semi-coordinated for the first half and FFA hits for the last 12 hours.

Line required

Aq’s aren’t mandatory in our alliance though we have some members who would like to atleast achieve a 1000 place ranking.

If any of this interests you, feel free to message me or just come check us out.

Cheers and happy hunting.

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