RNG - the two-edged sword

I decided to spend some gems by doing a single elamental pull every Wed noon from now until the next event when I will do a 10x. Today was the start, and 5* WOOT!!!

OK, it was Justice. I have Leo at 2^60, but have been waiting for a better yellow to ascend. And here comes another slow so so 5*.

I have upgraded my roster, buy still don’t think I have the right one to ascend.

Anybody disagree and feel Leo or Justice should move on up?

On a single pull!? Outrageous! I’ll do 30 pulls and get “nothing.”

Really though, I think that’s great. I personally think they are both worth the ascension items to the right person.
Do you need a solid tank for raid defense or AW? Justice.
Do you need a do-it-yourself, mana reducing attacker for raids and titans? Leonidas is doing better with his power tweaks. (Mana reduction is very strong, imo)

Good luck, I know they aren’t the best, but if they fill a gap you need in your roster, go for it!

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Save your mats if you wanna pull this event. It’s probably Avalon with Guinevere. If you’re lucky enough to pull her, you want her maxed asap!

Maybe 3^70 depending on how many mats you have and who your other heroes are, but if you don’t have any 4*s maxed, then I’d wait for wu Kong.

Bahahaha and have her on your defence team and never see her again

I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again

Most boring 5* in the game

Her card is so ■■■■ cool.

I ascend her only for that, lol.

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