RNG Taken Too Far!

I have lost count somewhere in the 160 to 170 range with no 5 star still. Thank you everyone for kind words. I will do one more set of summons tomorrow and depending on results may quit spending. I’ve averaged 40 atlantis summons the first 3 months, but 170 this month was because I feel Mitsuko and Zeline are top 5 heroes in the game. I have been insanely unfortunate and am just overall disappointed bad luck hit right when I finally committed to spending extra for certain heroes.

@JonahTheBard which category does the past HOTMS fall into?

They are the featured summons.


I think it’s the 1.3% at the bottom :slight_smile:

1.3% isn’t real good, not to mention you are at .65% if you want Zeline.


it would acrually be .325% as there are 4 featured heroes (Zeline, Ares, Mitsuko and Inari) in the 1.3% chance pool :frowning_face:

I read it as they are in a separate 1 3% pool.

Hotm comes as an additional bonus roll.

hotm 1.3% chance after every single pull
Legendary featured 1.3% out of the whole pool. Considering there are 4 featured heroes and odds are the same that would make any individual featured legendary a .325% chance

Cannot wait for the complaining when Avalon kicks off. “I made 300 pulls and didn’t get Guin! Outrage!!”

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I am not complaining I didn’t get certain heroes. I understand that’s unlikely. It’s 0 5 stars total in over 160 summons including HOTM. I would be more than happy with Vivica, Joon, marjana, Lianna, Magni, etc. I got nothing but repeat 4 stars. 6 proteus, 4 tiburtus … not even a Rigard which is the one 4 star I want.

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Nope, the current HotM is in the bonus roll. The past HotM are in the Featured pool.


I spent too much trying to get Inari. I did get Zeline and Ares. So i guess i should be grateful looking at these odds.

Dont like the odds, dont spend the money

Not sayin that to be a jerk

Just money speaks louder than words. If every person that complained about a bad pull or the terrible odds, stopped spending or watching mystic vision, it would speak louder than anything you can type on a keyboard

I’ve always said if you wanna get somethin across to devs, hit em in their wallets. Idk about you, but i check my bank account before i read the forum. They do too.


I have been there too. So many times, so much money. A couple of time all I got was 3*s. I write an email and got the standard rubbish reply as well.

that’s a bummer,
doing the math its a 5% chance of not getting a 5* hero with 120 pulls.

21% chance of not getting the HOTM

How much did you spend???

Well with Atlantis summons if I remember right you have only a 1% chance to get 5* hero’s. People are quitting the game and people are not paying any more because of the greed factor. I try for 4 summons a month. Sometimes I get lucky sometimes I don’t. Yes I think a 1% chance for a 5* is simply greed taking hold. That’s my opinion. Yes I think the odds are ridiculous. You need 5* hero’s to get anywhere in the game. I am having problems with 5* players. The last event where hero’s were stripped of major stuff was crap. We already paid for or not. Why take a hero’s stuff away from them after receiving the hero. Greed is rampant with this game. But if you. Like playing you play along. If not you quit play like a lot of people have. When enough people quit playing sg will get the hint. Until then we that love the game will play until it is made a little better. I don’t think a 5% chance for 5* hero’s is unacceptable. After all. Season 2 is 10 flags to play. And when 5* hero’s have a hard time with it.

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You get a 5% chance for a 5* at TC 20 which is still the best deal around. :smile:

I’m fairly new being only a few months into this game.

Reading stories like this, is what keeps me from spending money on summons.

So far I’ve only spent money on a 2nd builder and that feels it has some value.

I’d love to have a better assortment of more powerful heroes, but the idea of “gambling” my money to do it keeps my wallet in check.


So where is the rest of the math? There is only 64% out of a 100% on your board.

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