RNG ? someone explain to me if this is RNG

I have attacked with reds, having no tiles I have attacked with greens and the board full of reds and then I have turned yellow …

Yes. it is still RNG.
it is hard when you take a team heavy in one color and you don’t get enough of that one color. it often seems that it gives you a ton of some other color.

I had a wonderful Titan board today, for example. I started with a gem on the stun spot, had all my heroes lit up and active. that gem ended in a wonderful cascade. After that cascade… I got zero matches. zero. all of my damage was 100% in the first 30 seconds. My final score was 37k… decent, right? but man… it could’ve been a monster hit.

It’s just the way things go.


That is perfect RNG

The tiles that refilled had a perfectly fair mix of colours.

Your strategy says:

I will take a team where only 20% of the tiles will attack with any strength, I need them to appear 3 at a time directly under the hero I want to attack.

AND, it’s rush attack so missing hero tiles will really, really punish you!

If you won a series of attacks like that it would be more proof of rigged boards because the criteria you set are so narrow!

Do I attack like that?

Yes. And I win some and lose some. Sometimes three in a row either way.


This video is from today’s tournament, I haven’t won any fight.I mean … I’m done before I start :((( and if I go with reds there are few however I change to green and … surprise … full of red

Yeah. Sometimes the boards really don’t give you much to work with.

Some tourney days I go 5-0, others I go 2-3 or 1-4.


RNG is always a lottery. If you stack on a color it even more a lottery because you bet on one of 5 colors.

Before you learnt how to deal with bad boards it is more reliable to play rainbow teams or 3+2 with 3 agains a tank and 2 agains one of flanks.

Also, I’ve noticed that you mostly do matches agains existing heroes and don’t benefit from ghosting tiles (send tiles into empty space). In several recorded battles you were continuously sending tiles to Rigard charging him again and again even though you could’ve sent tiles missing heroes.

Another thing: if you have sparse tiles of a desired color at different levels you can group them together by removing rows of different colors in between after that you can do a massive match and benefit from it.


No surprise… Stacking colour against healers? No dispeller against a team with Wilbur? […]… My advice: start watching videos, read some combat tips on forum, learn all the heroes and their specials and so on. Good luck.

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Let aside your questionable team choice, please don’t take it the wrong way but you played not really well, expecially the second raid.

No ghosting, wrong target, you even keep shotting twice Little John the turn before Rigard!

Just wait a turn and then shot for god sake!


Hey, I don’t bring a dispeller against a team with Wilbur.

… I bring Kunchen. :slight_smile:


Lol. Even better :slight_smile:


Have look at this point 10 judging by your raiding that could help yah!


thanks ,i`ts a good guide

Just watched the video.

First match was rough yeah. Second was winnable, even with 4 AoE greens against two reds. You have a habit of dumping tiles into the healers over and over.

A good counter to Wilbur is Wilbur.

They have it setup whereas the more stacked you are in one color the less likely the strong color tile will appear on the starting board )or during gameplay). So it is not completely RNG in the sense that the starting board tiles (or the appearance of new tiles during gameplay) are all equally random regardless of hero color that you bring to the table.

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This is a very popular superstition that has never been proved statistically.


Yeah, @garanwyn collected those stats but never revealed the nature of his attack team. If you can’t find something wrong with 20 of the wrong colour appearing on your opening board and just getting 6 of your strong colour for the entire play then you are on your own. They (SG) try to enforce rainbow attacks and then I totally agree that in that case alone you will generally be rewarded with mediocrity; start stacking and it’s not pretty.

There are lots of discussions about biased boards. Like this one: Mono teams and random tile falls

None of them contained any data that proved biased boards. Proponents of a conspiracy theory demand proof of a fair RNG, but never supported their own statements with data.


Totally true; it requires a single minded dedication to an issue to generate meaningful statistics and everytime SG updates, you have to start over. What are we up to? 6 new builds in 2 months? Why would anyone with a brain post something meaningful here that the devs can then use? Even with a 2,1,1,1 there is bias (and mostly I refer to Titans). Recently I have encountered ridiculously favourable boards with rainbows (just generally) and I find that peculiar and not random.

Why not? What is so special about possible data collected that devs can use? Why would the change board generation in every build?

Really? I always play 4-1 or 3-1-1 against Titans (1 is Wu Kong and another one is Isarnia against Blue as my green don’t have defense debuffer). Results varies between 20 and 60k on 7-8* titans and up to 114k on a 2* Titan. I also play mono teams on Challenge events. All this fits into an assumption of random boards.

Yet no one explained the reason of putting dev effort in tuning board generation in favour of rainbow teams. What SG gains here?

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Again: if you go mono, statistically 80 % of the tiles are against you. And yes, it happens, that you get almost no replacements in your color. But it also happens that you can make consecutive diamonds of your color or get cascades of your color and then: POOOOF. And most of the time the boards are mediocre, but playable.

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