Rng seriously bugged or else


Paying customer here, tried summoning and always getting the same i have. Just tried 6 legendary summons and got all three stars. Four out of six was heroes they just droped.
Maybe one of six a four star would be nice and definately dont drop heroes that already dropped last try.
Posting here cuz i like to think is a bug.


Not a bug, just luck. A week ago someone in my alliance did 11 elemental pulls amd got all 3*. Sucks when it happens


I’ve also seen someone pull a dream team - including back up hitters- with one 10x pull. Totally random…


During the first Event Challenge I purchased a 10-Pack with Event Heros.
I only got 10 excisting 3 Star Heros. But I knew, that could happen.

This Event, i tried again, got the hero of the month, 2 heros from the event and Boldtusk.

So, both is possible :slight_smile:


thats the third time this happens to me. and havent seen anyone like that
personally. So until i do its not happening.

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Remember that there are more than 200,000 playing this game. I don’t knoe how many purchase elementalnpulls, but the options will run the gamut. There are likely 1000s of draws a day and you are only seeing a very small sample of that


its 3/3 bad luck for me and i can only afford a limited amount of cash.
Gonna try one more then not bother again.

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I got my 4* in a combination of epic and elemental rolls (1-at-a-time), and from the free in-game Training Camp lvl 13 (which took 36 days, but then they started to drop here and there).

Good luck to you! The free option is also open. :wink:


Yeah and I’m pretty sure, 3/3 isn’t very bad. I guess, there are people who spent more than you and didn’t get what they want to…
The game would be very boring, if you could push a button and get all the heros you want. Because everyone would do that and would buy the same heros…only the best ones of course!


3 or 6 summons is a very small amount. There is not an equal chance for every hero. The 5* heroes are like a few% per summon, 4* a bit more. most of the heroes will be 3*