RNG Protection for Event Summons

I think when you perform a 10x summon for the holiday/special event summons (Wonderland in today’s example), you should get a guaranteed event character out of the 10.

I did 11 summons (1 epic hero summon, 1 free daily, 9 daily summons off tokens) and a 10x event summons (for a total of 21!) and got no Wonderland Summon hero’s and my only 4 star hero received this morning was one that I have already summoned 2 times previously, out of three 4 stars that I currently have - Kiril, Caedmon, and Colen - I got Kiril a third time.

Basically, it makes me feel like crap that I saved up gems and tokens, buying some of them even… and essentially got nothing of value.
I get that it’s a pretty low chance of getting good stuff from the daily summons, and the summons in general are supposed to be random, but there should be some type of RNG protection so that you don’t feel like you have wasted your time/money.

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