RNG n' Me. My results from 74 summons

I see so many people on here so mad about terrible and “unfair” summons. I just started putting money ibto this game last month besides the vip that i bought in april. Ive spent just shy of $200 dollar so far. Right now i have a $100 per month limit but i dont think ill be buying any more gems soon unless they are a good discount or come with some of the ascension items i now need. Ok now that thats out the way. Out if 74 summons i got 7 5*s 2 margaret, 3 ranvir, leonidas and sartana. I know this is rather uncommon and very lucky which is why i wanted to share. With RNG you have to take the good with the bad. Also it can be very addicting to keep doing pulls. When you get lucky you want to so more and when you dont you want to keep going until you do. Its a very slippery slope. So be careful. The one thing i do that is a terrible idea is that i get it in my head that i want a certain hero. The odds of getting a specific hero are very low. Its important to be happy with any hero that can help your bench. Anyways hopefully everyone gets some good luck with their pulls. Cheers


That’s actually pretty good pulls! Congrats!! That was a quick lesson I learned from pulling 5* heroes right as I started. Wasted a lot of time on projects I never had a prayer of completing. I’m now max’ing at 50$ a month (Wilbur, Proteus and Tarlak are avoiding me like I have the plague). But I learned you can’t always get what you want, but you usually get what you need in this game. You just need to take the time to realize what you have right in front of you instead of tunnel visioning that one hero you just HAVE to get.


Those are pretty much my thoughts as well. I’ve been playing since November, started spending money in February. After the pull results from the last Atlantis, I decided to limit my purchases to giving them $5USD/mo for VIP and I’ll lay no more than $20 for a deal with 5* mats I need.

I also try to Use The Force on my pulls, you’re 100% right, it’s setting yourself up for disappointment.

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I do all the $0.99 and $1.99 gem/atlantis purchases and some of the $4.99 calendar event buys at this point. The $20 deals aren’t as enticing anymore.

I have gotten more than my share of Hotm /Event 5* with this strategy, some in later release. 2 Margaret, 2 Alice, 2 Drake Fong, Guardian Panther, Hel, Alasie, Perseus, Gregorian, Alasie, Evelyn .

Can’t explain or complain.

I usually try to go after 4s because i feel like there is a realistic chance i might get the one i want. Ive got most of the four stars i want. Proteus is the one ive been chasing since the first atlantis i saw. Merlin is the other 4 i really want. Of course because i want them, i have no luck pulling them lol

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They had a $30 recently with 3000 gems and mystic rings and a hidden blade plus some other goodies and a trainer hero. I was all over that because i lack hidden blades more than any other 3* ascension mat.

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Ill probably just bank my spending limit for a couple months until i have some of the mats i need and can grt a chunk of the heroes i have levelled now. Then in a few months ill wait until someone i really want comes along (looking at you kingston) then really try for them. Or not, ill just have to see where im at in a couple months. But for now ive got a full plate of things i need and need to get done

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I had proteus on my now stopped alt account, and he still evaded my main account. I ended up getting 2 proteus eventually and then after maxing 1 I get Hel, I’m flush with mana controllers, they are awesome, good luck.

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In the beginning I was getting the hero of the month in addition to some really good pulls… I haven’t had a good pull now in almost 6 months… I stopped doing them. I think it’s rigged this way… I would be more than happy to purchase more gems if I got at least some decent pulls, but you when mostly 3 star and a few 4 stars and literally NOTHING decent on the Altantis or the special like Alice in Wonderland we just had… it’s not worth it anymore… My husband HAS NEVER once gotten a hero of the month or any really decent heros. He has about 15k in gems refuses to do pulls… I won’t stop play the game but I won’t be spending gems either. They really need to make this game worth playing… I have so many heros I can’t ascend because like you can’t any of the items needed. Much less the HUGE amount one needs to ascend with. Like the badges can’t get enough of them either… but I guess that is the entire point of the game, just keep testing your luck and keep hoping and praying they will be a little more giving and not so greedy. I am not expecting things to be handed to us, but to at least give us better odds at things. Maybe I ran my course with the game??? I have gotten 4 hero of the months at least and at least 2 of the same ones… so maybe they figured since I did so well in the beginning I don’t need anymore ‘luck’. You are very lucky you got so many good ones, I used too. but not anymore. I truly want better odds at this game…

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Oooh the unspeakable things i would do to get a hel

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I keep thinking the same thing. Like getting really lucky feels almost bittersweet. Like of course im happy. I would be a little pissed if i spent $180 and only got 3s and a few 4s but i also feel like i might have used all my luck up already lol

You just summed up why trading won’t ever be allowed. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to second @InSheepsClothing thoughts on getting Hel. She is the one hero I want on my roster so bad. Would love to have Guinevere too.

Just wanted to give a quick update because i have been doing pulls. My 5*% is still right around 10%. I have done 151 pulls (i think, i could be off by 1 or 2) and i now have 15 5s. Most of them are HotMs. 2 margs 6 ranvirs and 2 seshats. Still pretty amazed by the percent of 5s ive been getting. I keep assuming my luck will run out sooner or later but until then i wont be complaining. I dont plan on doing anymore pulls anytime soon. Maybe this next atlantis as im still looking for proteus. But right now i have more projects than i can handle. Whenever i do a decent amount of more pulls i will update this and let you guys know if the percent s stay the same or plummet as i am expecting them to do.


Ok i said id update once ive done some more pulls. So her we go

I did another 10x pull and 4 single pulls during the sand empire and ive done 4 10x pulls during grimforest. Ive also done a few single pulls here.and there from EHTs ( ive never gotten a 5* from an EHT) i honestly dont remember exactly how many EHTs ive used. I think its been between 5-7 since my last post. I wish it would tell us on our info exactly how many pulls we have done. Like the recent history log, i wish it contained your full history from the begining. That would be amazing! So this isnt 100% exact. It is just an estimation. But with another approx 60 pulls my 5* drop rate has pretty much been consistent. I believe ive done 212 pulls (again i could be off by a couple) and right now i have 21 5s. Honestly im suprised. The 5 drop rate is just a hair under 10%. I expected it to start slowly dropping with the more pulls i do but so far it hasn’t.

I might do some more pulls during atlantis this month. I still am chasing proteus. It really depends on which old HotMs they offer this atlantis. If its no one i really want i will just wait until next month and go for miki. Thats the thing. I pull HotMs like crazy. Out of the 21 5*s i currently have 15 are HotMs and of those 15, 12 are dupes.

A little over 2 months ago i had 0 5s and then i started putting money in (before that i only bought VIP) and now i have 21 5s. Eve. Earlier tho ive always had pretty good luck with heroes. I pulled 4* caed before i even had 5 3*s and not long after (maybe a week) i pulled grimm. So ive always had good luck with summons basically since ive started.

If anyone ia interested here is the list of 5s i currently have. 2 margarets (my first 5), 6 ranvir, 7 seshat, 2 sartana, leonidas, horghall, joon, and Athena. Im currently level 28 and have been playing 5 months. Ive spent $425 so far (insane, i know) honestly if i was just chasing the HotMs i would have spent less than half. A lot was spent chasing certain heroes and most were 4*s actually. I really wanted mana controllers. I mostly chased merlin, proteus, hansel, gretel and i will likely chase peters. I also chased ranvir and seshat but i pulled Ranvir on my first 10x pull of laat month and i pulled seshat on my second single pull on the first of this month. I just got 2 gretel and 1 hansel yesterday (also got joon and 3 more seshats while chasing hansel smh)

I know this is a ton of info but i think its pretty crazy and out of the ordinary and maybe people will be interested by it. Its cool to know that RNG can be nice too. Again i will update once i do more pulls. I do plan on slowing down but i always say that but haven’t yet. I might just start going for HotMs. Either way ill do an update at the latest by the end of next month to let you guys know if the HotM streak keeps going.

Good luck to everyone doing pulls. I hope everyone gets the heroes they go after.