RNG in this game is unbiased and unrigged. Prove this statement wrong

As the title says… having played for over 4 years on two accounts (One FTP->C2P->PTP and one FTP) and having tracked various metrics at different points I have never seen anything in my experiences that indicates that hero pulls, loot pulls and boards are anything but pure RNG. I have seen some various data that supports this as well as statements from the developer.

What I have never seen is anything resembling data or proof to the contrary. So this is your opportunity - do your best to prove the statement wrong. Contrary to the opinions of some I am not an SGG fanboi or shill or simp but have simply come to my conclusions based on whatever evidence and data has been provided to date. So if you have contrary data or evidence, I’ll have an open mind.

Have at it!


Oh come on I’m running out of candy and popcorn I just used it all in the last thread I was in :rofl:

However in my opinion over the five years I’ve played when I was a whale I got screwed numerous times and didn’t enjoy it I went c2p continued to get screwed once again without enjoyment now I’m basically f2p except for things for the in-game fam and I’m still getting screwed so honestly whether it’s RNG or not the end result is still the same I’m screwed and tattooed :rofl:

@The_Seeker @Blem my new friends what say you on this topic?


Unlike you, I don’t take pleasure in creating drama or hijacking others topics (as you actually did in the recruitment one). I don’t have anything to say here and I will avoid in the future interactions with you. Hope you manage to find peace and feel less of a desire to stir :poop: around


You can’t prove things to irrational people. Don’t bother trying. Smile. Pat them on the head. Wish them a good day. Mean it. But don’t try to change them. Doesn’t work.


But the rng is all rigged based off the last 2 pulls i did not being the low percentage hero that is featured and i only got feeder heros…


Disclaimer not at all what i believe.


RNG is rigged because I’m not winning every battle and I’m not getting 5* I want in every pull.

Do you still need more evidence?


It depends what your definition of unbiased and unrigged is.

I will give you one example that proves that the board is rigged… Have you noticed that you never, ever, get matches at the start of a board?

Why is that? If the board is truly rng, then matches would happen, which would give the player an advantage…
So from the get go the game is rigged. What else is rigged that the devs dont tell us about?

The problem with your assumption is that you dont know what happens behind the scenes before that tile is dropped on the board.
If there are any constraints then by default its rigged.
Why cant we prove that its rigged? Because every game is different. You do not get the same sequence of tiles game after game… so how can anyone prove its not rigged? Its impossible to prove, but you can see it that the board is constrained by secret rules.

As for the pulls, you know the odds of pulling heroes, but what are those odds leveraged against?
I think nobody knows but its one thing of having a chance of 5% pulling a hero every 1000 pulls to having the same 5% chance every 100000 pulls.

But even here how do we know there isn’t a bias against paying players and f2p players??
To my knowledge nobody has tried to save enough gems for 100 pulls without paying a dime and a paying player that bought 100 gems and both pull 100 heroes to see what the result is.


This has been discussed ad nauseam. Reason you don’t see it is because those boards are discarded. If there is a match, it runs the algorithm until there is no match on opening board. Devs have already made a statement on this quite some time ago.


Unbiased means without bias. Not sure what other definitions there could be. Unrigged means without being rigged.

No matches in starting boards is not rigging the boards. They devs have specifically said they do that. I recall reading here somewhere that up to 70% of all possible starting boards have an instant match. Would make raiding rather one-sided to match and cascade win so often.

Confirmation bias can be very strong.


This game is rig on summon and puzzle exemple (war) Undead horde all your alliance have good puzzle ennemis team also boost bonus the puzzle of the entire alliance is bad make your own conclusions summon is clearly not the same pourcent for every feature if you watch YouTube you’ll know depend how sg feels

once, I had a board with no matches to begin with, it got reshuffled and made a 5x combo, ended up killing the tank :joy::joy:


Then we have a different definition of rigged… if the game discards boards because it gives an unfair advantage to one side, then by definition its rigged.

Personally I don’t understand why some people go overkill trying to prove that the game is unbiased and pure RNG when we can see blatantly that its not.
This game is not fair to the player, that how it makes money, not sure why folks are so adamant that its something else. It doesn’t matter.


There aren’t multiple definitions of rigged. If you’re using one that you made up, then you’re doing it wrong.

Removing unfair advantage is not “rigging” anything. Is football “rigged” by having an offside rule in place, or is it a rule to keep and maintain fairness?

Why go overkill making unsubstantiated claims based off personal and subjective feelings? You should expect to get challenged.

If all players are treated equally, that falls under the term fair. Having crap odds and treating players equally are mutually exclusive and are two different things. One that has all heroes because they spend a boat load of money isn’t treated any differently than someone who doesn’t spend and has one or two of the lates heroes. They both deal with the same odds. Difference is that one spent a boat load of money to beat the odds by a sheer volume of pulls and the other didn’t.


Never forget small giant already make fake accounts it has been discovered Each war has a different algorithm if no one make this statement its base on money don’t worry small Giant know the business

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I must have forgotten can you refresh my memory on this?


Make your own research My man ! And yess watch undead horde war YouTube how the board are easy the algorithm is different for each war

Back up your random statements my man!

And I have watched and played plenty of wars of all types. Boards are the same across the board. Better results are standard in minion wars… because it is an easier format where there is no actual advantage to the defender.


I’m guess you’ve never heard of the burden of proof concept :joy:.

If everyone went around making ridiculous claims without providing evidence to back them up, we’d have a world full of clowns instead of just a small minority.


I can show you proof but i need to find the video its a while ago and i don’t really care anymore just a reminder to let people know ask small giant directly you will know if they are honest :blush: