RNG Discouragement (again)-Titan Boards

First. I am not complaining anout summons! Keep your swords sheated for awhile. I do understand the risk factor and the dismal odds. Even so, I spend to do it.But I have been playing for 2 years now, and was lucky enough to get a good roster, and teams able to do at least 50k damage , per hit, to 11*-12* titans. Supposedly, because for the past 8 months I hardly can make 20-30 k, even using tornadoes and time stops. Maybe I am no great match player, but apparently I unlearned everything in thise months. I am not saying that they are out to hamper me, but that this constant bad boards streak of bad luck ended up having the effect of almost stopping my summoning. I might admire the new heroes, ai might even have the mats to max them, but what is the use if my tiles are so bad?


My last three days of titan hits have been about 70-100k less (total, not per hit). I just can’t get a board to work for me recently and I am generally 45 seconds to a minute in before I get enough of the strong color to even charge up the mana bar for any hero other than “very fast”.

Crazy frustrating. I’m sure it will turn around, and I can’t imagine an 8 month string of bad luck…

Hope it turns around for you.

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I routinely have underwhelm board each and every 4-6 weeks, where the best I can get only 3 matches of gem (and yes no amount of Tornadoes would fix it!) and it last about a week or a week and half before next decent board comeback from their vacation. My titan size varies from 8 to 11*

I can’t imagine that how I can stay long like 8 months and it’s 12*. :dizzy_face:

I amended the thread title to make your point clearer up front.


I agree with first posts, definitely is something wrong with the tiles at titans. I had yesterday my blue rare 5* unicorn. As many already know my alliance is 3 members only. No matter how many flasks we used, at every single attack, 1-3 green tiles among the others. With every single wave, not significant change. I really wonder how RNG works sometimes :confused:

P.S. If I would have known I’ll get only 5 emblems of each account… If only :rofl:

Yes. Titan boards have been garbage for at least a year. Very rarely hit over 50k now. Even on 8 and 9 stars. It’s obviously designed to get you to use many craftable items. But that doesnt even work most of the time. As previous poster said, by the time you activate your strong titan attackers you have expended all the colors you need. Plus the biggest factor is they practically made Wu worthless now as he misses way more than he did in the past…especially when you hit with your stacked color. It is apparent that also titan now targets him and healers.

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and they have been fine for me - set a new max titan hit record - just over 100k. RNG working as intended - some get lucky, some dont.

Yes and what did you have to use to get there…4 tornadoes, 2 time stops, mana pots, heals pots , etc…etc…


lol nope, I dont use items, oher than arrows in the beginning if I cant stun the titan tight away, and now harpoons - alliande policy.

Then you had the luckiest board ever and no way that’s even close to a common occurrence. The fact of the matter is that yes once in a blue moon you may have the board of the century, but it’s trending worse. I have been playing since one month after the game was released. Wu used to be awesome and boards were way better. That’s my feeling based upon my experience. I am sure others will go with standard RNG blah, blag, blah… this is the same company that charges 30 dollars to draw 10 heroes at a time and 75 to 80 percent of them are crap. So I dont believe anything is that random in the game anymore.

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you know, all those things you claim are very easy to prove… with, you know, evidence, not feelings.
record many videos and:
a) get starting boards and all tiles you get during the fight;
b) record all hits and misses under Wu’s special;
c) record all titan’s targeted hits.
and your last point? 75%80% crap? well, that is the advertised rate for 3* heroes.
but you wont do it - so much easier to claim that you know how it was before (you dont have any evidence) and you feel how it is now (still no evidence, just feelings).

Blah, blah, blah…

I can only tell you my experience in the game from before and now. You can have your opinion. I can have mine. Your opinion is based on as much fact as mine. What evidence do you have that disproves it? You have no idea what is in the SG coding.

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Used right, harpoons will be of great help against titans. Many players overlook the simple aspect that harpoons must ONLY be used on stunned titans to really get the max effectivenss out of them.

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