RNG crazy?

Last weeks I noticed something weird.
My TC20 consistently gives 3* for almost 3 weeks now (running 3 of them) not even a single 4*.
On the other hand I’m received tons of ascension items. Each titan 7* giving 2 3* item each time.
Got several 4* ascension items from regular monster and raid chests. Also a tonic from one of the titans.

It feels like the RNG decided to stop giving heroes and flood me with ascension items.

It’s great for now but hopefully it doesn’t stay like this. Otherwise I might end up with many items and no heroes to use them on.

And that’s a bad thing…how?

OMG I wish I had this problem.

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that makes 2 of us as i´ve been waiting for a while for 4* ascension materials

Like I said, I’m happy with it now since I have a few heroes waiting for ascension.
But I still need a purple 5* to complete my rainbow 5* team.

But I can now make an army of 4*s for AW

My TC20s just gave me three 5*s in a row - Elkanen, Sartana, Elena. Not complaining here, aside from “How the hell am I ever going to level them all”, AM wise…

Oh and last sunday I got a sturdy shield from an escaped 8* titan.