RNG can be weird

What is the weirdest RNG experiences you’ve had both good and bad?

After running TC20 on and off for the last 3 months I’ve acquired 5 Colens and 7 Tiburtuses. No other 4 stars except 1 little John. It’s been very weird. Maybe they’ll be useful someday with the hero academy.

I got quite lucky with my TC20 at the start. My second ever TC20 pull was a 5 star hero. She was my third 5 star ever.

A Domitia.

Two days later, my TC20 gave me ANOTHER 5 star hero. My 4th 5 star hero; another Domitia.

Of my first 6 5 star heroes, 5 were purple.

And I still don’t have a Colen, if you would be willing to share one with me, I’ll give you as many renfelds and dawas and prisicas as you want.

I’m still really hoping for Colen, Scarlette and Rigard (esp cuz I have rigard’s clothes but no body), despite multiples of almost every other s1 4 star heroes.

Oh, and last week, i was raiding for the raid chest. The opponent’s Hu Tao fired before dying, leaving a single hero on the opponent side with less than 100 hp left.

After that, I threw about 20 tiles and 7 special attacks… ALL of them managed to miss. The (sonya I think it was)? managed to survive until Hu Tao’s blind wore off.

And people still think Hu Tao is a bad hero? :wink:


My emblemed Vivica resisted a mana control effect while attacking, yesterday.

It were a bit weird as she have my clerics’ emblems from their release.

I got 2 HOTM from single EHT pulls in the first 5 months I played. No HOTM with a bunch of 10-pulls and probably 50 EHT since.

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Getting Ranvir, then HOTM, as bonus pulls. Twice. In a row.

TC20 churning out Marjana several times in a short period of time.

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3 turn victory (2nd clip)

Their RNG program is a pile of turd.

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I’m going the other way with the RNG experience after my last post about TC20 pulls.

There are times when leveling up characters when all you need is a 1* and you decide to use summon tokens to get them. And you don’t get them even after 20 pulls…

EDIT: after 50 pulls still don’t get that specific 1* colour. Do get a 3* troop and even a Carver…

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