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I’m also pretty underwhelmed by the adjustments made to most the heroes. That extra 20% for Boomer and Kadilen won’t hardly be noticed. Boomer still hits like a toddler.


In this case it’s not a “feature” per se but another way to improve heroes to differentiate defense heroes (or titan heroes for larger titans). Hero strength favors defense whereas bench depth favors attackers.

When all the attackers in your range have 3+ heroes in each color at the same level as the defense it makes raiding very easy. Back in the day when folks only had one set of rainbow 80s, raiding was more of a challenge. With tons of people having 3-5 80s in each color (or also 70s when raiding at that level) its very easy.

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Hmmmmm I wonder ho long before it’s on Apple…

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I expect it will take until tomorrow to see this in the iOS App Store. There’s an extra layer of review at Apple to keep out malicious apps. In the meantime I will just keep raiding crappy versions of Aegir. :laughing:


I actually just pulled a Khagan the other day as my first 5* hero. Was disappointed when I looked to the community and saw that he was almost universally disliked. Happy to see his minor damage taken away and an overall increase to his direct attack. Still happy to have him personally :slight_smile:


I agree for Khagan but Thorne now hits his main target with a punch as strong as Marjana’s ones (minus DoT) and with his splash damage now other heroes are in the kill range of your everyday snipers!


Still reluctant to give Khagan the rings, but might consider doing that once I have 12.

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Will have to test it, but Aegir-Defenses now seem very susceptible to green stacking. Kinda think he is now even worse than before. (except as a war-tank if the alliance is running all-blue tanks, then having to use 5 greens in one attack is quite annoying)


I really like how the slow heroes are more dangerous now. (especially as a Khagan, Elena and Kadilen owner)


I think harder end level on those class quests is a bad move.

There are already level restrictions (lvl 30+ for last level) and also hero restrictions, which make them difficult enough.

I’ve been playing for almost a full year, and don’t have enough hero class diversity to clear all of them myself. I have to burn through rare expensive items like revival scrolls and time stops to get through them because I have to bring in 3 stars on multiple occasions.

The rare trainer hero sounds nice, but only if you can clear the quest. Realistically that’s not gonna help many people. I’d rather not have a rare trainer hero, and keep the quests at their native difficulty.

Other than that, I dig the raid tournaments and the balance changes. Aegir particularly needed that buff, I’ll take an overall defense spirit link buff to all over green elemental spirit link buff to 3 only. I was surprised to see all the classic riposte heros (except Obakan??) are getting a 10% increase (125% total) counter-attack buff.

The addition of “pinning” messages like in other apps such as Discord is a pretty good one, and long overdue one too. Such a simple thing can go a long way, for e.g. communicating war strategy.

I like everything except for making class quests harder.


Not a bad week to have just aquired Cyprian and Boril tbh haha

Plus Elena recently


The final stage of the class quest is getting harder?
The current final stage is already very hard without a healer. Tornado and timestop doesn’t help much too.
Guess it will be out of reach for the newer gamer like us where even 2 or 3 fully ascended 5 * is a luxury.
It will create even bigger gap between the top players who has the stronger heroes and the upcoming gamers.
Hence, the reason some gamers change their playing style from c2p/p2p to f2p.


True, but only if he is the tank :slight_smile:


I won’t complain about that! I hate fighting Aegir as tank.

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" * Valeria: Direct damage increased from 155% to 235%"

That’s a healthy buff, my Valeria will enjoy it


Harder class quests? They were hard enough. Couldn’t beat them all without using heavy devices.


Ref the class quests

Personally, I’m glad they’re harder.

Being able to complete everything makes the game boring. Life needs light and shade - I can complete every quest and challenge at the moment which removes all sense of trepidation and suspense.

Hurrah for defeat.


20 minutes yesterday, next week an hr? :confounded:


Does all of those apply to every battle or every battle has one of those rotating?

And ye, having last class quest hardened, is pretty hard already… :confused:

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I think it is one rule per Tournament on a rotating basis


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